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  • August E. Allen, I Love Dandelions

    < Back August E. Allen I Love Dandelions The difference between a weed and a flower is a judgment. It is a lovely spring day and Theodore W. Mouse is keen to go on an adventure all by himself. His mom wants him to stay close to home and asks him to take along his little sister, Mirabella (Bella for short). The siblings go out into the field and see millions of droplets of golden sunshine in the grass, as far as the eye could see. Theodore is curious and plucks at the stem of a golden light. He takes the droplet home to show his mom, who explains that it is a dandelion, a beautiful golden flower that is often called a weed. Dandelions are natures magic, explains mom. A few days pass and Theodore and Mirabella still don’t understand why dandelions are natures magic. So, the siblings head out into the field one evening and discover the droplets of golden sunshine are gone, but there are millions of little moons floating in the sky. Theodore plucks at the stem of a little moon and takes it home to show his mom. Mom explains that the moon is the magic. But there is more magic to come, when the little moons burst into millions of sparkly stars. I Love Dandelions is a magical illustrated picture book by author and illustrator August E. Allen, about mouse siblings, Theodore and Mirabelle, who go on an adventure and discover the wonderful metamorphosis of the dandelion plant. This is a cute story, with a sweet message about the beauty and wonder of nature, told through the eyes of adorable mouse characters. It shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - what is a nuisance weed to some, is a beautiful spectacle and nutritious food for others. The book will encourage young children to explore nature and see the beauty in all living things. The illustrations are exquisite, and I was drawn to this book by the stunning front cover. If you are not a big fan of dandelions, you will be after reading this delightful book! Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A magical illustrated picture book about the wonderful metamorphosis of the dandelion plant, with adorable mouse characters. Purchase here

  • Clari Nguyen, I Can Be Anything! A Children's Book About Emotions

    < Back Clari Nguyen I Can Be Anything! A Children's Book About Emotions An illustrated picture book, exploring the range of different emotions and feelings experienced by young children. A Children's Book About Emotions by Clari Nguyen is an illustrated picture book, exploring the range of different emotions and feelings experienced by young children, from anger and sadness, fear and anxiousness, jealousy and happiness. The book discusses how some emotions are fleeting, while others last a long time. It discusses the importance of acknowledging emotions and understanding that they are part of everybody. But most importantly, to recognise that emotions don’t have to control us. “I can feel many different emotions, And that’s okay! They go up and down like waves of an ocean, But I’ll find my way”! The book shows different children in different settings or scenarios where different emotions might be experienced, for example, at home, at school, at the park. It provides a range of hints and tips to help young children recognise and manage their own emotions. This is a thoughtful, inspiring and engaging picture book by Clari Nguye, designed to help young children and their parents or caregivers recognise and manage their emotions. Written in rhyme and complemented by beautiful illustrations, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to emotional literacy. The use of bright colors and dynamic scenes will keep young readers engaged and will help them to recognise the emotions described. It will encourage children to acknowledge their feelings and provides constructive ways to cope with difficult emotions. An excellent resource for parents, carers and educators. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary : A comprehensive and accessible picture book to support the emotional development of young children. Purchase here

  • Christine Tussing, Detective Stan the Crayon Man and the Missing Birthday Cake

    < Back Christine Tussing Detective Stan the Crayon Man and the Missing Birthday Cake Can Detective Stan solve the mystery of the missing birthday cake? Detective Stan’s pink crayon glows brightly, which means there is an emergency in Colorful County. He races over to Pretty Pink’s bakery and finds Pretty Pink in distress. Someone has stolen the cake for Mellow Yellow’s birthday party. Detective Stan begins his investigation by interviewing all the crayons, but there are no signs of the cake, or the thief, anywhere. He searches the bakery and looks for clues. He finds messy sprinkles and purple drippy drops on the floor. He heads to Polite Purple’s home, but it can’t be her, as she was at the hair salon all morning. Detective Stan looks at all the different color combinations that make purple and considers whether two crayons worked together to steal the cake. Will Detective Stan find the culprit and solve the case? Will Mellow Yellow get a cake for his birthday party? And will Detective Stan get home before his mom notices? Detective Stan the Crayon Man and the Missing Birthday Cake by author Christine Tussing is a charming illustrated picture book. The book, written by the author when she was just eight years old, is a unique, creative, and playful story about a little boy who loves his crayons and loves to solve mysteries. When his crayons glow, he knows they need help, and he goes on an amazing adventure to Colorful County to help the crayons. Each crayon has a name and character based on their color, and the mystery clues are based on color-combinations. Young readers will enjoy following the clues and solving the mystery. The book will spark young children’s imagination, and will also help them to learn colour combinations. The illustrations by Izzy Bean are delightful. I particularly like how the two different worlds are represented – the real world where Stan lives; and the fantasy world of the crayons. I would love to see more adventures of Detective Stan! Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A charming and fun illustrated picture book that will spark young children’s imagination and creativity Purchase here

  • Once Upon a Dance, Franie's Wish: A Wander in the Wonder

    < Back Once Upon a Dance Franie's Wish: A Wander in the Wonder Another fabulous adventure in the Once Upon a Dance series Frankie’s Wish: A Wander in the Wonder, tells the story of Frankie, who lives on the magical island of Anorac. There is a legend on the island, that a magic blue feather would grant a birthday wish to the lucky person who finds it. On the day of Frankie’s special birthday, Frankie sets out on a quest to find the magic feather. Frankie’s wish is to become a famous dancer, and hopes to find the feather to make the wish come true. Frankie catches a ferry and arrives at a mysterious forest. With a little help from a number of forest friends, an eagle, a T-Rex, and a gorilla, Frankie must solve the clues hidden throughout the forest to find the magic blue feather. The final task is to ‘dance your journey’ and Frankie decides to dance the day from the beginning, from entering the forest, to meeting the forest creatures. Frankie reflects on the forest journey and realises that what is most important in life is friendship, family, and adventure. Will Frankie find the magic blue feather? And what will he wish for? Frankie's Wish: A Wander in the Wonder is a children’s picture book in the Once Upon a Dance series. Once Upon a Dance, is a unique and creative concept with Ballerina Konora narrating the story through movement and dance. Frankie is a gender neutral and relatable character, who will appeal to young children who love adventure and fantasy stories. Frankie learns important life lessons throughout the journey, which will encourage self-belief and confidence in young children. The digital illustrations are bold, bright, and engaging. Konora provides prompts and ideas for readers to act out the story, and encourages readers to use their own imagination and experiment with new movements. With photographs to accompany each movement, the book encourages active participation in the story through movement and creativity. This book is a great resource for children, parents and carers, and teachers, and will encourage readers to experiment with movement and dance. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A fabulous interactive picture book, which will inspire movement and creativity in young children. Purchase here

  • Marlyn Bandiero, Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve

    < Back Marlyn Bandiero Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve A wheely adventure with a dog and his human best friend. Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve tells the story of a dog name Dante, who cannot walk using his back legs, due to a spinal injury when he was young. Dante’s parents tried everything to help him walk, such as swimming and therapy, but nothing worked. One day, Dante was given a surprise set of wheels, and as soon as he got into the chair, he was able to walk and run again. The wheels changed Dante’s life, he was happy he could finally play and be himself. But it wasn’t easy for Dante at first, the other dogs didn’t know what to make of the wheels and were reluctant to play with him. When Dante meets a young boy named Freddie, who also uses a wheelchair, the two became best of friends. The two friends spend lots of time together, playing and exploring in the park. Dante didn’t let anything stop him from playing and having fun, and he inspired Freddie to play basketball. It wasn’t easy for Freddie, as other children didn’t want to play with him, but he soon found a wheelchair basketball team who welcomed him with open arms. Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve by author Marlyn Bandiero is a heartwarming and inspiring picture book for younger aged readers. The book follows the story of a dog named Dante, and his human best friend, Freddie. Both human and canine use a wheelchair and experience similar obstacles, but their special friendship transcends their physical abilities. The duo support one another and help each other conquer their own unique challenges. Based on a real-life story, the book celebrates the special relationship between humans and canines, and shows that with love, determination and teamwork, anything is possible. Through Dante’s and Freddie’s story, young readers will learn about diversity and inclusion, and the importance of treating others with empathy, kindness, and respect. The illustrations are vibrant and expressive and beautifully capture the special bond between Dante and Freddie. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A heartwarming and memorable story of an inspirational dog named Dante, and his special friendship with a boy named Freddie. Purchase here

  • Dee Hale, A Girls Only Club - No Boys Allowed!

    < Back Dee Hale A Girls Only Club - No Boys Allowed! Holly and friends build a clubhouse just for girls. Friends, Anna, Kim, and Holly are having a sleep-over at Holly’s house. But it has been a long summer, and the girls struggle to think of something new and fun to do next. When the girls find Holly’s dad stacking old boxes in the garage, they have an idea. They want to do something fun without interference from Holly’s annoying little brother, Robbie. They decide to build a castle clubhouse from the old boxes in the garden, and paint a big sign that says, “No boys allowed!” Robbie doesn’t like tea parties anyway, so he doesn’t mind. The girls settle into the clubhouse and Robbie races around the garden on his bike, every time he gets a little closer to the clubhouse. But Robbie soon gets bored on his own, and he starts to pester the girls. They tell Robbie to go away, “No boys allowed!” So, Robbie has an idea. He builds his own clubhouse out of blocks. But when Robbie delivers tasty treats to the girls, they soon realise that it is much more fun when everyone can join in and play together. A Girls Only Club -No Boys Allowed! is a cute and charming picture book by Dee Hale about a group of girls who build a girls-only clubhouse. The girls need their own space to do the things that girls like to do, but they soon realise it is more fun when everyone is included. Both boys and girls will enjoy this picture book. Whilst it is important that girls (and boys!) have their own time and space, the book encourages children to be kind to others, especially the opposite sex! The illustrations by Remesh Ram are bright and colorful and capture the fun and mischief of children playing perfectly Star rating: 5 Stars. Summary : A fun, cute and charming take on the girls v' boys scenario, highlighting the importance of kindness, collaboration and inclusion. Purchase here

  • Margaret Grote, A Farmer I'll Be and more poems for the young and young-at-heart

    < Back Margaret Grote A Farmer I'll Be and more poems for the young and young-at-heart Another stunning collection of poetry, by the late Margaret Grote. A Farmer I'll Be and more poems for the young and young-at-heart, is a collection of twelve poems, by the late Margaret Grote. The poems capture the countryside and rural life, and include a range of themes, including farming, the seasons, festivities, animals and nature, and a whole variety of other things. The poems capture the essence of childhood, and of a more simple, innocent time. My favourite is Six, about a little girl celebrating her birthday. The poem beautifully captures her lisp as a result of her missing front teeth. I also enjoyed the ice man, which you don’t see very often these days and reflects the time these poems were written. This is a stunning collection of poems, written by Margaret Grote for her children, over thirty years ago. The poems have been curated and published by Margarets son and niece, eighteen years after her death. The book showcases and celebrates the work of this extraordinary poet. This book is the second collection of poems published posthumously, following the publication of the critically acclaimed, I Like Mud. The whimsical illustrations by Marcia Wheelan Coles, capture life in the countryside beautifully. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A timeless collection of poems for the young and young-at-heart, by a much-loved poet. Purchase here

  • Betty Cetas, Oscar and the Awful Horrible Smell

    < Back Betty Cetas Oscar and the Awful Horrible Smell Can Oscar the troll find the source of the stinky smell? Oscar the troll lives deep in the forest. He loves the forest and knows it very well. He even knows all the forest smells, the good smells, and the not-so-good smells! But one day, while out picking blueberries, Oscar notices a very unusual and very stinky smell. He can’t quite put his finger (or nose, rather) on the smell, so he sets out into the forest to investigate. He travels throughout the forest, and the smell gets stronger and stronger. It isn’t his armpits, although they are pretty stinky. It isn’t the mushrooms, which smell pretty terrible. Nor the dead fish inside the wolverine’s cave, which smell vile. What could it be? Oscar continues to search high and low throughout the forest, but still cannot find the source of the stinky smell. He decides to return home, but the smell even follows him into his house. As he puts his feet up to rest for the evening, he suddenly discovers the source of the foul smell! Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell, is part of the Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma’s Cottage series, by Betty Cetas. The book follows the adventures of Oscar, a rather grotesque looking, but loveable troll. This is an entertaining and funny book, and children will laugh out loud at Oscar’s antics as he tries to find the source of the smell. Children will enjoy searching with Oscar as he trundles through the forest and they will enjoy guessing where the smell might be coming from. There is a very funny twist at the end of the book, that will delight younger readers. Young children love silly stories, and the funnier, dirtier, smellier, and more gruesome the better! They will love this story and fall in love with the adorable (but rather smelly) Oscar. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A stinky, fun-filled adventure with a very loveable troll. Purchase here

  • Charly Froh, The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship

    < Back Charly Froh The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship Two unlikely friends must work together to find their way home, by author Charly Froh In the Emerald Kingdom, there are two fantastical cities, separated by the Marble Mountain. On one side live the fiery dragons in Cloud City. On the other side, the magical unicorns live in Sparkle Land. The creatures that live in these cities are happy and content in their own wonderful worlds, and are not aware of each other’s existence. Until one day, a storm strikes the kingdom, and the creatures are carried away far from home. Lost, alone, and far from home, Dan, a fiery dragon from Cloud City, stumbles across a strange and unfamiliar creature. The creature is Fran, a magical unicorn from Sparkle Land. Curious of each other, but with no time to spare to make new friends, and too afraid to ask for help, the two creatures try to find their own way home. But poor Dan’s wing has been hurt in the storm and he cannot fly, and poor Fran’s hoof is injured, and she gets stuck in the ice. The pair know that their only option is to work together and help each other find the mountain. As Dan rescues Fran from the ice, and Fran heals Dans wound, the pair start their perilous journey towards home, and on an adventure through the sky, across the sea and over the ice. Will Dan and Fran ever make it home? And will the two new best friends ever see each other again? The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship is a super, engaging, and entertaining picture book by author Charly Froh. With two cute and loveable characters, a wonderful fantasy world, and positive messages about friendship, resilience and teamwork, this book will appeal to young children who love magic and adventure. With lots of lovely alliteration and repetition, and many humorous scenes, this book is a fun read for the whole family. I’m sure young readers will demand to read more about Dan and Fran, and I hope there will be more books in this series! The bright, digital illustrations by Zuzana Svobodová really capture the humour, and bring the characters and their personalities to life perfectly. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A super picture book with two loveable characters, a wonderful fantasy world, and positive messages about friendship, resilience, and teamwork. Purchase here

  • Sally Fetouh, Jana's Brightly Coloured Socks

    < Back Sally Fetouh Jana's Brightly Coloured Socks Jana shares her marvellous socks with her school friends. Jana has just learnt to put her socks on by herself and has a drawer full of brightly coloured, patterned and pretty socks. Jana loves her socks and puts them on every where she goes. She wears her socks around the house, in the playground and at school. When her friends notice her marvellous socks, they all want a pair too. So, every day, Jana puts an extra pair of socks in her school bag to give to her friends. Until one day, there are no socks left! On the last day of school, Jana’s teacher organises a sock parade, and all the children show off their wacky and wonderful socks. In the parade, Jana recognises some of the socks she has given to her friends. Jana’s friends organise a surprise for her, to thank her for her kindness for sharing her socks. A special surprise, for a special little girl. Can you guess what it is? Jana's Brightly Coloured Socks by Sally Fetouh is a sweet, funny and charming illustrated children’s picture book about a little girl who loves brightly coloured socks and shows kindness by sharing them with her friends. The book promotes equality, diversity and inclusion and will encourage young children to show kindness and compassion towards others. The book was inspired by the author’s own daughter, Jana, who has Down Syndrome. The illustrations by Alexis Schnitger are simply delightful. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: A sweet, funny and charming illustrated children’s picture book that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. Purchase here

  • Teddy Biron, The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay

    < Back Teddy Biron The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay Author and illustrator Teddy Biron shows the devastating impact humans have on the ocean and wildlife. An old lighthouse keeper wakes up early every day, to say hello to all the creatures that live in the bay. Nothing much happens in the quiet bay, he hangs out his laundry, and watches the boats gently drift in the dock. But, in the midst of darkness, as the lighthouse switches on its lights to protect the ships, there is an unwelcome visitor to the bay. He tips a vat of oil and trash into the ocean, and slips away again under the cover of darkness. When the lighthouse keeper wakes the next day, he notices the mess and the devastation caused to the bay and the sea life. He starts to clean up the mess straightaway, and is soon followed by others who join in the clean-up mission. Slowly, the creatures return, and the bay is brought back to life. Sadly, the old man knows it won’t be the last time he has to clean up someone else’s discarded trash. The Lighthouse Keeper Saves the Bay, by author and illustrator Teddy Biron, is a beautiful story, with an important message about the devastating impact humans have on the ocean and wildlife. It will encourage young children and adults to take responsibility for their own actions, and clean up after themselves. But it will also encourage positive action to help out when others fail to play their part in cleaning up their own mess. The illustrations are simply stunning and really bring the story to life. They beautifully capture the serenity of the bay, the magnificent wildlife, the horror of the face-less hooded man, and the devastation caused after the trash is dumped. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: This is a beautiful story, with an important environmental message and stunning illustrations. Purchase here

  • Christine Copeland, Gold

    < Back Christine Copeland Gold Author Christine Copeland captures the changing of the season, and the magnificent splendor of autumn. Autumn is approaching and the forest is changing. There is a chill in the air, the wind is howling, and the leaves and seeds are falling to the ground. The colors are transitioning from luscious greens to wonderful hues of yellow, gold, brown and reds. The animals are preparing for the colder weather. The geese are flying away to warmer climates, the squirrels are gathering nuts and hiding in their nests, and the bears are resting in their lair. Autumn in the Forest by author Christine Copeland is one in a series of books for younger children about the seasons and the natural world. This is an enchanting picture book, which captures the changing of the season, and the magnificent splendor of autumn. Beautifully written in rhyme, with wonderful rhythm and repetition, this lyrical book sings the sights and sounds of the forest. The rich, vibrant, watercolor illustrations are stunning, and capture the essence of autumn perfectly. The book will help children learn about the changing of the seasons, how plants and animals prepare for autumn, and the habitats of forest animals. With further information, questions for readers, and suggested activities at the end of the book, the book will encourage further discussion and exploration of nature. Star rating: 5 Stars Summary: This is a stunning book, that children and families will treasure forever. Purchase here

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