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Winners and finalists of the Autumn 2023 Readers' Choice Book Awards announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Autumn 2023 Readers’ Choice Book Awards.

Best Children’s Book 3-7



AC Bradburn, Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories



Betty Cetas, Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell



Ginger Smith, The Magic Blanket


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Deanna Hart, Blue is the Only Color in the Rainbow

Katherine Lockwood, Why Me, Mama  A Childrens Book About The Disability Experience

Ashley Wall, The Day I Had a Bulldozer

Jeffrey Morgan, Bungo the Funky Monkey, Adventures in Kindness

Kimberly A Perry, Finley the Fairy

Samantha Reynolds, Help Me Be Me

Donald Smith, Quoth the Raven

Lynne Harley, What If You Could?

Christine Tussing, Detective Stan the Crayon Man and the Missing Birthday Cake

Nicole Frankel , What are bees good for, anyway?

Donna Wyland, Psalms in Rhyme for Little Hearts

Donna Wyland,  'Twas the Night Before Jesus

Lauren Brownrigg, You Are...Volume One

Stacy Gabel, At the Zoo-oo-oo

Adalgisa and David Nico, Fish in the Desert: The Untold Story of the Death Valley Pupfish

Michael Michie, Pablo Avocado

FA Khan, My Superhero Mom

C. James Sweeney, Sadie Sasquatch has Big Feet

Michael Dow, Nurse Florence for Beginning Readers: Help, Im Bleeding!

Betty Cetas, Oscar and Otto

Sarah Sparks, The Messiest Monster on Mill Street

Sarah Sparks, The Bounciest Monster on Mill Street

Sarah Sparks, The Angriest Monster on Mill Street

Cheryl Johnson, Today I Learned About Birds

Cheryl Johnson, Creatures of the Rainforest

Cheryl Johnson, Backyard Critters & Creatures

Margaret Grote, A Farmer I'll Be and more poems for the young and young-at-heart

Gabriella Fiorletta , What I  See is Love

Carmella Alexander, Fearless the Amazing Boy with Special Abilities goes to Brazil

Susan Marie Chapman, Grumpy And Green Parrot Find A New Home In Naples

Katie Musleh, It's Okay Not to Be Okay: Addressing the Concept of Toxic Positivity

Annie and Gilly DeCosta, Maizy and Charlie's GERM BOOK

Lindsey Coker Harris, Our Cleaner, Greener Planet

Ross Alan Hahn  , The Adventures of Angel: A Kitten's Story

 Miki Taylor, Bentley's Fantabulous Idea

T.B Stacy, Know When to Grow

Wendy Alyson Jordan, Miracle: A Birthday Story

Donna MacLeod, Chili Chinchilla

Candy O'Terry and Colleen Esposito, Nelson's Garden

Ruthie Godfrey, Grumpy Grump

Joshua Swank, Barry the Brave: A Flowerageous Journey to Courage

Marissa Bader, The Only Me

Rose O'Donoghue, Katie and her Brain

Jon Seymour, A Morning with Blueburry



Best Children’s Book 8-12



Amanda M Cetas, Thrown to the Wind



Jennifer R Sommer, Her Eyes Were on the Stars: Nancy Grace Roman, "Mother of Hubble" Space Telescope



Tricia Copeland  Azreya, Aztec Priestess


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Claudine C Wargel, Hattie and Dirks Great Garden Surprise

Stephanie Scott , Tools to Cool Finding Ways to Cope

D, Burton Smith, Quoth the Raven

Laurie Anne Zaleski, Travels with Ariel - What's up in Baker Lake?

Kathe Hudson and Melanie Moyer, The Magic Peach Tree, A Yoga Storytelling Adventure

Barbara Mishkin, TIP's Magical Journey


Kat Farrow, Bobbin and the Magic Thief

Hans Ness, Rolo the Pet Earthling

Kirja Ilijah, Alijah XII

Rick Poplinger, Adventure in the Land of Changes


Michael D. Malone, Mousetree: The Beginning Book One

Grace Wolf, May I Sit At Your Table?

Paki Perkins, Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash

Marsha Tufft, Project S.A.M.: Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures Prequel

Dawn Renee Darnell and Jim H Darnell, Jr, Schoolhouse Dogs: Face Life

Jim H Darnell and Dawn Renee Darnell, Lightning Butterflies



Best Teen Book



Stacy A. Padula, Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries to Hide



Rande Goodwin, The Witchfinder's Serpent



Marsha Tufft, The Sea Turtle Spy Project: Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures Book 4


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Renee Hayes, The girl who broke the world

Terry Overton, The Underground Book Readers: The Secret Society

Dawn Renee Darnell and Jim H Darnell Jr, Schoolhouse Dogs: Face Life

Nancy Lelewer, Something's Not Right: 2nd Edition One Family's struggle with learning disabilities

Andrea Vanryken, The Red Texts Club

Jim H Darnell and Dawn Renee Darnell, Lightning Butterflies

Neha Saini, SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data

Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm, Mission Possible: How to Graduate From College Debt-Free

Jim H Darnell and Dawn Renee Darnell, Because of You, I Lost Everything!




Best Adult Book



DF Kennedy, Nothing But The Truth



Ben Merrick, Where the Valley Meets the Sky



Jennifer Ivy Walker, The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Marlayne Jan Giron, Second Chance Inn

Jamie Andrea Garzot, Unconventional, A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot

Carter Fielding, Murder in the Marshes: Book 4 in the Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Series

J Paul Rieger Jr, Clonk!

Aimee Hill, All The Gray In Between

Jeremiah Gilbert, On to Plan C: A Return to Travel

Marianne Hartley, ALIGN and SHINE

Joe Alo, The Street Between the Pines

Kathleeen Janz Anderson, September Wind Book II

Glendall C Jackson III, Naked Came the Detective

Margaret Tran, The ACTIONS

Rozsa Gaston, Margaret of Austria

Roni Robbins, Hands of Gold

Anthony J. Mohr, Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age With Two Different Dads

Dr. NIZAR M. Benazzouz, The innovative Animal

Pietro Emanuele Garbelli, The Doctor's Voice - Empowering Solutions to Physicians' Frustrations, Burnout and Healthcare Inefficiencies

Geoff Spellberg, Escape From Hawaii

Gail Grant Park, We Are Shadows: An Irish Ghost Story

Matthew Binder, Pure Cosmos Club

SHERMAN EDWARD ROSS, Code Name: Juggernaut

David Zelman, PhD, What's Next?  Get Clear & Get Going

Angel A, Holy Parrot

Jonnie Ramsey Brown, You Promised To Do No Harm:  A True Story of Love, Loss, and the Horror of Healthcare Disparity for One African-American Family

Allison Hong Merrill, Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops

Tabor Millien, What Came After

Michael Caissie, Between Heaven 42nd and Broadway

Marylee Martin , Unsuspecting Child: Coming to Grips with Covert Childhood Abuse

Dawn Pretorius, The Shepherds of InEquality: And the Futility of Our Efforts to Stop Them

Anne Angelo, Forbidden Zone 1940

Susan Kennard, Awaken the Light Within Your Heart: A Guide to Self-Healing

Deborah B. McDermet, Walk on Water: A Daily Devotional for Believers and Educators

Nathan Roberts, Who Do You Think You Are?

Steeg Taylor, Rosette Resolve

Tina Lear, Partial Views: A Collection of Poetry

Marlene Morgan, Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker: Jake Logan #1

Omara Williams, The Space Traveller's Lover

Lem Moye, Catching Cold Vol 3 - Judgment

David Tomen, Head First: The Complete Guide to Healing and Optimizing Your Brain with Nootropic Supplements – 2nd Edition

 Rajan Jetley, Blinding Glimpses of the Obvious: Revealing Insights, Lol Humour and Good Old Common Sense

Steven Dhondt, London Bridge: A Fictional Memoir

Jack Kaminskie, EPIC: THE GAME

Joseph Cruz, The Red Frontier: Book 1 of The Red Tomorrow Series


Debra Fredette, Persevering Through Seasons of Despair

Ray Catania, You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It: Empower, Elevate, and Enlighten Your Consciousness

Teri M Brown, An Enemy Like Me

Alexandru Czimbor, The Soul Machines

Datta Groover, The Reluctant Visionary

Daniel L Pinion, Chop that Sh*t Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military



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