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Marsha Tufft


The Sea Turtle Spy Project: Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures Book 4

Twelve-year-old Putney Hicks is ready to spring into action. As news spreads of a legendary three-legged turtle laying its eggs, she fears that the bright lights of a nearby porch will tempt the vulnerable babies away from the ocean. And with only ten days left before they hatch, Putney works furiously on a clever prototype to save the newborns before they become easy prey for hungry predators.

Just as the ingenious middle schooler makes progress on her design, she’s terrified when her beloved AI companion vanishes. And without her trusted helper by her side, Putney’s frantic efforts to rescue the tiny reptiles could be in jeopardy.

With the clock ticking, can she track down her smart sidekick and help the hatchlings survive?

The Sea Turtle Spy Project is the energizing fourth book in the award-winning Putney Hicks Inventor Adventures middle grade series. If you like courageous young girls, seaside settings, and science-inspired curiosity, then you’ll love Marsha Tufft’s fun-filled mission.

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