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Winners and finalists of the Autumn 2024 Readers' Choice Book Awards announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2024 Readers’ Choice Book Awards.

Best Children’s Book 3-7



R.G. de Rouen, Books for Benjamin



Amelie Patel and Harriet Hessam, Saachi the Angel



Kate Seng, Mazie's Full Heart: An Adoption Story


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Gail Kuhnlein, How Happy Is a Lark

Marlyn Bandiero, Dante's Cool Wheels Book 2 Believe, Achieve

Kim C. Lee, The Night Owl Goes to Space

Rob Sudano, Owl B. Blue on Easter Day

Ashley Wall, The Day I Had a Dinosaur

Kafilat Shobajo, All The Things I Can Be

Ashley Wall, Lucy and Her Unicorn Get a Sparkle Puppy

Dee Hale, A Girls Only Club -No Boys Allowed!

A.N. Stewart, The Shotgun Shack Kitties: Bill Bailey, Please Come Home

Angela Odusanya, Amelia's Loose Part Art

Christina M Carroll, The Things I Love

Clari Nguyen, I Can Be Anything! A Children's Book About Emotions

Edgar Garcia, ALPHAKAZOO

Reesa Shayne, I Breathe For Me

Marissa Bader, The Only Me

Marissa Bader, Stella's Brave Voice

Brett Gunning & Stacy A. Padula, On the Right Path: Book Four

Susan Downing & Megan Downing, Bradykin Visits Martha's Vineyard

Leokadia George, Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup: Trumpet Grows Up

Ken Brady, The Adventures of Duke

Pamela Blackmore Collins, Greeny Greenleaf Says, The Best Gift Ever is in My Bathtub.

Raphael A. Batista, Kid Dino: The Beginning

Melissa Garin, A World of New Beginnings

Susan Sullivan, Bob Tales, Land of the Woody Warbles

Best Children’s Book 8-12

Stephanie Brick, The Secret Doors of Cannondale

Cheryl Johnson, Charli's Adventure Journal, Destination: Victoria, Texas and Beyond

Charles Byrd, The Reaper's Guide on How NOT to Take a Soul!

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**
Hazem Nassar, The Diversity Cube and the Cloud Wizard
Danielle Marietta, Truth Tales: The Air Fair-He
Kathleen J. Shields, The First Unicorn
Jo-Ann Scranton, Kathi Q. Builds a Time Machine?
Victoria/Thorir Pannell/Sigfusson, The Big Dream
Eliana Hidalgo, Mrs Owl's Messy Library
Juli-Ann Gasper, Way Up North Where the Kittiwakes Play: An A to Z Alphabet Book for Child and Adult
Dani Romero, Wonderful Word: Poems of Praise and Wonder
Isabela Sardas, Belle and Chloe - Reflections In The Mirror
David Huerta, Grandma's Lost Treasure: How Kintsugi Turns Brokenness Into Beauty


Best Teen Book

John Daze, Rogues of the Crosslands: Azoria's Blade

Kerrie Faye, Dead Girl

Stacy A. Padula, Montgomery Lake High #3: The Aftermath

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**
Dr. Shon Lewis, The Wonder Wig
Renee Hayes, The girl who broke the world 
Renee Hayes, The girl who freed the darkness 
Shan Shan Nie, Belt of Chaos: A Teen's Quest to Free a Kingdom Held by Time
Sally Gallot-Reeves, Behind the Open Door: The Alchemy of Time
Jacqueline Pretty, Powerless


Best Adult Book



Ona Gritz, Everywhere I Look



J.R. Rice, Broken Pencils



Rebecca Anne Nguyen, The 23rd Hero


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Jon Howe, Shanghaied

Angela Williams, Loving Me: After Abuse

Kerk Murray, Since the Day We Danced

Jennifer Ivy Walker, Winter Solstice in the Crystal Castle

J Paul Rieger Jr, The Big Comb Over

Bill Canady, The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days

Don Ake, Deep Heavy Stuff - Thoughts and essays for enriching your life

Michael Bickel, 250,000 NOs

Lisa Towles, Terror Bay

Michael Shandler, Karma and Kismet A spiritual quest across continents, cultures and consciousness. A Memoir of Adversity and Triumph

Mary Perrine, The Storms of Eddie Greer

David Parish, The Twitter Gospels

Nina Blakeman, The Peace Talk

Christina Ford    In Search of Mr Darcy: Lessons Learnt in The Pursuit of Happily Ever After

Rebecca Olmstead, Dreams and Illusions: A Gabrielle Dorian Mystery

Chloe A.H. Lewis, The Covenant Of Saints

Paula Welch, A Goode Inheritance

Manoj Joy, Rehtaf - Father of the Fatherless

Sydney Oliver James,  Living Life Unwounded: A Memoir

Robert J. McCunney, Cluster: A potentially fatal disease, a tantalizing romance and international...

Iris Dorbian, Next Stop, Boston

Catherine Hughes, In Silence Cries the Heart

Joanne Colombini, When Did I Become the Dumpster? Raising and Teaching Rebellious Teenagers

Chad Boudreaux, Scavenger Hunt: A Novel

Penny Peyser, Sonnets From Suburbia: Romance Dance

Macintosh Steele, I Have a Question: A Novel

Thomas A. A. Woodley, Last Alarm: The Charleston 9

Marlene Morgan, Revenge I Will Have: Jake Logan # 2

Kathy Wright, Wings: How traveling the world freed my soul to fly

 Phillip Reid, Three Sisters Ponds: My Journey from Street Cop to FBI Senior Executive - from Baltimore to Lockerbie, Pakistan and Beyond

A Frank Corso Mystery, The Yellow Agent from Hong Kong

Karen  Janowsky, Dear Prudence

Jason Ollander-Krane, Circus Home: A Novel of Life, Love and New Jersey

David Joseph, I Never Knew How Old I Was

Amirah Smith, The Journey: My Mental Health and Infertility Story

Jacci Turner, Tumbled People: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Your Faith

Tony Jeton Selimi,  A Path to Excellence: The Blueprint to Your Greatest Potential

Elle Merriam, Token Of My Affection

Anony Mom, MD, Reparenting Myself: A memoir to my daughters on growing up, getting it wrong, and giving my best

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