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Kerk Murray


Pawprints On Our Hearts: How A Few Incredible Dogs Changed One Life Forever

A funny, emotional, and heart-breaking book about Kerk Murray’s life with his amazing dogs

Pawprints On Our Hearts is a memoir by Kerk Murray about his life with his beloved pets, and how they supported him through some of the most challenging times of his life. He writes about his first encounter with a dog, when he was chased by a terrifying Doberman Pinscher, at the age of thirteen. Shortly after, his mom brought home an old, miniature Pinscher, Chelsea, rescued from an abusive situation. At first, Kerk was a little unsure and cautious, but he soon learned to love the ageing dog. Chelsea became an integral part of the family and Kerk recalls fond memories of playing with her, walking her, and how she provided comfort when he experienced bullying at school. Chelsea was later joined by an excited border collie and Labrador mix puppy, Lexi, and the two dogs became inseparable. Kerk describes how Lexi brought him immense joy during his young adult life and how she was by his side through major life events, even saving him from a suicide attempt.

The latest editions to Kerk’s family are a Yorkie-poo, Maximus, and a Morkie, Spartacus. Kerk also describes how he set up an animal rescue organisation, the Lexis’s Legacy Foundation, following a chance encounter with an abandoned dog, Gunner.

This is a well written and moving memoir, which captures the love between a man and his

canine best friends. It is a warm, funny, emotional, and heart-breaking book, and a must read for animal lovers everywhere. Kerk describes a deep and profound connection with each of his wonderful dogs, and how they supported him throughout his life, providing companionship and comfort through the darkest times.

This book is a beautiful and loving tribute to Kerk’s canine friends, past and present.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A well written and moving memoir of the love between a man and his canine best friends, A must read for animal lovers everywhere. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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