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Winners and finalists of the Spring 2022 Readers' Choice Book Awards announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2022 Readers’ Choice Book Awards.

Best Children’s Book 3-7


Ron Keres, The Scariest Story You've Ever Heard


Julia Coldicott, Just Being Fred


Leah Ingledew, Where's My Shell?

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Alan Claycomb, Maisley's Moon

Amy Lee Westervelt, The Colors Inside of Me

Angela Delf, Trixie Bixby and Her 66 Pairs of Socks

Anna Kutishcheva, Jake and Nick's Spooky Fall

Billy Baldwin, Orbit's Monster Nebula

Brett Gunning and Stacy Padula, On the Right Path: Book Two

Carina Ho, Mighty Mara

Charlene McIver, Squishy Sand

Charlene McIver, Medieval Mashup

Deanna Chesley, What If We Had A Pet Shark?

Deborah Wade, Always In Your Heart

Janet Lau, The Little Grey Pig: A Story About Self-Confidence

JB Van Cleave, PTSDragon

Jessica Wendi Abel, The Little Blue Rocket Ship

Joanne Russo Insull, Sarah and the Crows Clean Up

Joe Burud, AJ and the Bouncing Ball

Leah Ingledew, Meowl!

Linda Harkey, Chatty the Hen Pheasant: Travels with the Pack

Mariam Latifi,    A to Z of Mini Muslims

Marta Almansa Esteva, Nurse Bear Does First Aid

Michelle Medlock Adams, Dachshund Through the Snow

Robert Zaslow    , The Mayfly and the Methuselah Tree

Ron Keres, It's Not That 'Big a Deal'

Sasha Graham, Whitney Wins Everything: A Tiny Ninja Book

Tracey Lear, Eli’s Story What Makes Me, ME!


Best Children’s Book 8-12


Paula Welch, The Interlopers


Ellen Davidson, WIND


Leah Cupps, Harley James and the Mystery of the Mayan Kings

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Angie Bailey, Believe

Colette Sewall, Kiki Macadoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas

Molly Awiszus, Puddles of Windrush Farm

Ryan Poirier, The Herd

Sally Kingman, Everything Is Everything: Finding Your Magic


Best Teen Book


Shina Reynolds, A Light in the Sky


Stacy A. Padula, Gripped Part 5: Taylor's Story


Kyrie Wang, Forbidden Ties (Enemy's Keeper Series Book 1)

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Angie Bailey, Believe

Daryl McCullough, Story of Tree and Cloud

Kerk Murray, Pawprints On Our Hearts

Mary Aviyah Farkas, Overcoming Deepest Grief, A Woman's Journey

Vali Benson, Blood and Silver


Best Adult Book


Edgar Doleman, Arlen's Gun: A Novel of Men at War


Danny Holst, The Harlem Story


Stoni Astley, Sanctuary's Lights

**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

A Frank Corso Mystery, Divine Travel Agency

Angie Bailey, Believe

Bryan Asher, The Treasure of Lor-Rev

Bryan Asher, The Assassin of Malcoze

Carolyn Clarke, And Then There's Margaret

Carter Fielding, Murder in the Tea Leaves: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery--Book 2

Danny Holst, Promised Land

Deborah S. Greenhut, The Hoarder's Wife

Dr. Trent W. Smallwood, Lethal Decree

Jim Malloy, Raptor's Revenge

Liza Gino, Imelda's Secret

Marieke Lexmond, The Magical Tarot Deck

Mrs. Anthony, I Am Woman: Book One: My Journey, My Tony

Paula Welch, A River of Fortune

Romana King, House Poor No More

Stephen Alder, Deehabta's Song

W.A. Pepper, You Will Know Vengeance: A Tanto Thriller

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