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Winners and finalists of the Spring 2023 Readers' Choice Book Awards announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2023 Readers’ Choice Book Awards.

Best Children’s Book 3-7



Scott Smallwood, Monkey and Bug's Night at The Corn Stand Jam



August E. Allen, I Love Dandelions



Anna Finch, Mellie the Mermaid: Is NOT Scared of ANYTHING


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Becca Johnsey, When We Are Apart

L.A.D. Publishing, Space Monkey: Mars Mission Report

Charly Froh, How to Solve the Mystery of Crying

Nadja Springer, The Big Adventures Of A Little Tree: Tree Finds Hope

Amy Landgraf, Good Night, Sweet Peas

Ron Keres, This Book Is Perfect!

Charlene McIver, Nature Study Buddies

Ariel and Brandon Blackwell, The Beat In My Head

Nadia Khan, Zoey Wonders Why

Joanne Russo Insull, Don't Follow Pino!

Greg Payne, My Grandpa's Grandpa

Joe Ciccarelli, When You Meet a Hangry Howard

C.J. Zachary, Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor

Timothy Frazier, Lauren The Cow

Susan Justice, Children Who Dance in the Rain

Paul Hock, Snowflake the Christmas Beagle

Anna Finch, Hide and Seek Alphabet: With Australian Animals

Sally Fetouh, Jana's Brightly Coloured Socks

DoodleFina Adventure Press, Beatrice and Her Razzmatazz

Melitta Santos, Fini: The beauty of a broken shell

Jennifer Welborn, Dr. Rosie Helps the Animals

C. James Sweeney, Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School

April Lopez, Napoleon: No Ordinary Donkey

Margaret Grote, I Like Mud

Brett Gunning and Stacy Padula, On the Right Path: Book Three

H. R. Manske, Doppy and the Runaway Balloons

Jana L. Farris, The Chicken on the Moon



Best Children’s Book 8-12



J.T. Tenera, Erift's Journeys: The Dark Messengers



Lucy Kovaliv, Stars of the North



Jessica Lee Anderson, Naomi Nash: Saving Snakes


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Diann Floyd Boehm, Charlie and the Tire Swing - How it Began

Ryan Vernel, The Lady of the Loch

K. I. Knight and Jane R. Wood, Finding Family Treasure

Ona Gritz, August Or Forever

Kathleen Troy, Dylan's Villain

AC Bradburn, Agent Pangolin - The Mystery of the Shiny Moon

Charly Froh, Lotti and the Impossible Dream

Edwina Dorch, Summertime and The Livin' is Easy

Nikita Kapoor, Pack of the Lost- The Uninviting Forest

L.T. Caton, Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus

Louiza Kallona, The Tickling Tale of Smoo

Sandra Sorenson-Kindt, Teddy: A Boy Who Swam with Angels

Michael Dow, Nurse Florence, Why and How Do We Sneeze?

Vy Lien, The Nervous Noodle: Social Anxiety, Fitting In, and Standing Out

Kristen Niedzielski, A Bee In A Big Universe

Caryn Rivadeneira, Monster Match: Frankinschool Book 1

Aurora Winter, Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App



Best Teen Book



Aurora Winter, Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App



S.M. Webb, Spirited



E.K. Larson-Burnett, The Bear and the Rose


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Coriana Hope, Reign or Shine (The Forged Flower Saga Book 1)

Alayne Smith, A Mystery Solved, A Prediction Fulfilled

Alexander Sotberg, Secrets of the Elementals

Brianna and Matthew Penfold, The Intrepid Three: Animus Revealed

Maggie Paredes, On a Rooftop in Beijing

Ilene Grydsuk, Age of Resolve: The E.V. Chronicles

Daniel Foster, Torment: Descension

Stacy A. Padula, Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person

E.M. Leander, Wren and the Tarnished Tiger

Eric Westergard , Soul Scepter: Time Marauders



Best Adult Book



Alex Poppe, Jinwar and Other Stories



Alison McBain, The New Empire



Lisa Towles, Salt Island


**FINALISTS (5 Stars)**

Isra Sravenheart, Her Dark Love

Jennifer Ivy Walker, The Lady of the Mirrored Lake

Mary L Schmidt, Her Alibi

Stephanie Woodward, The Big Scale Back: Success and Balance By Your Own Design

Wendy Hewlett, Witches & Whisky

Alex Poppe, Duende

Karla Huebner, In Search of the Magic Theater

DF Kennedy, The Whole Truth

Melissa Jacobus , The Accomplice

Sabrina Simon, Violet

Lisa Towles, The Ridders

Julie Cadman, UnMasked

Jackie Ewing, Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer - Vignettes of a Small-Town Girl

Mitzi Perdue, Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul

Christopher H. Volk, The Value Equation: A Business Guide to Wealth Creation for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Investors

Ed Norwood, Be a Giant Killer: Overcoming Your Everyday Goliaths

Gail Scoates, Paws, Purpose and Possibilities: How therapy dogs and faith healed my heart

Karen K. Brees, Crosswind

Andy Lipman, The CF Warrior Project, Volume 2: Celebrating Our Cystic Fibrosis Community

Kelly Cheek, Gazing Into the Abyss

Pat Wahler, The Rose of Washington Square: A Novel of Rose O'Neill, Creator of the Kewpie Doll

Glenda Brown, The Story of Raine

Lachlan Pirie, The Resolution

Viola B. Mecke, Aging Wisely: Life from Fifty to Seventy-Five Years

Cristiana Pinciroli, Sport: a Stage for Life - How to Connect with the Touchstones of Elite Performance and Personal Fulfillment

Holly Brough, The Name I Choose

Joshua Hershey  , Linden Falls

K.c. LaSaga, Dragum

Peter Mazurek, Modern Catholic Concerns

Raejean Kanter, Who Held the Door Open? Mentoring Through Life's Challenges

Paul Sanders, Victim or the Crime - The Day Before Jerry Died: A Grateful Dead Thriller

Hannah Sward, STRIP: A MEMOIR

Tucker Madison , Green Glass

Juliet Rose, Trigger Point

Juliet Rose, Carrying the Dead

Lem Moye, Catching Cold Vol 2 - Redemption

Peter Eliott, A Dream of Shadows

M. E. Taylor, Brothers

Jeremy Bazley, My China - Living Inside the Dragon

Geoff Sease, When We Push Through Sound

J. F. Cronin, It Could Happen Here - A Roadmap to Disaster

Anne Angelo, Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass

Julia Brewer Daily, The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch a Modern Ranch with an Ancient Secret

Joanne Griffin and Declan Foster, Humology: How to put humans back at the heart of technology

Hayley Lyle, Barefoot King: The Indian Dalit Who Defied Caste to Bless Others

Ronan James Cassidy, Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind

Leslie Kain, Secrets In The Mirror

Richard Lui. Enough About Me: The Unexpected Power of Selflessness

Robin Jeffrey, .exe: A Cadence Turing Mystery

Robin Jeffrey, R.A.T.: A Cadence Turing Mystery

Gifford MacShane, Rainbow Man

David Cairns, The Case of the Emigrant Niece

Genevieve Jenner, Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives

Adam Saint, The Transfer Problem

Marieke Lexmond, The Cup, The Madigan Chronicles #4

Alison Jean Lester, The Sound of It

Tony Jeton  Selimi, A Path to Excellence

David W. Berner, The Islander

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil, The Kintsugi Moms: Transformative Insights from a Healers Diary

Reese, Trapped

Elizabeth H. Cottrell, Heartspoken: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire

Shonna Waters, The Coaching Shift: How A Coaching Mindset and Skills Can Change You, Your Interactions, and the World Around You


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