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Rande Goodwin


The Witchfinders Serpent

Orphaned brothers find themselves in a race against time to defeat a supernatural force.


Brothers, Nate and Marc Watson, are sent to live with their Aunt Celia in Windsor, Connecticut, following their father’s death. The siblings are anxious as they have never met their Aunt Celia, and curious why their father kept her a secret. The brothers have free rein of the house, but Celia forbids them to enter one room on the second floor. When they hear Celia talking to someone in the forbidden room, and they find an old photograph of their dad as a young boy with a woman who looks exactly like their aunt, the boys are puzzled. When Celia is out of the house one day, Marc finds the key to the forbidden room and the brothers start to explore. The room is full of strange objects and artefacts, and a book titled The Discovery of Witches. Nate picks up a metallic snake like object, which coils around his wrist, and clamps into his flesh. He panics, and accidently breaks an old bottle.


Nate tries everything to remove the snake, but nothing works. Eventually, he confesses to Aunt Celia, and she reveals the origins of the snake. They discover that the broken bottle has released a dark and powerful force that has put all of their lives in imminent danger. The boys learn of Celia’s true identity and a family connection to events that took place in Windsor in the 1600’s. While Nate is desperate to free himself from the snake’s jaw, he learns that someone is desperate to retrieve it. As the brothers learn more about their aunt and their family history, they find themselves in a race against time to defeat a supernatural force.


The Witchfinder's Serpent is a magical, teen fantasy fiction novel about two brothers whose world is turned upside down when they move to Connecticut with their mysterious aunt. As the brothers delve deeper into their aunt’s world, they discover family secrets that tie their own destinies to the witch trials of the 1600’s. Alternating between the 1600’s and the present day, this is a contemporary teen novel, with an intriguing historical backdrop.  Readers are immersed into a world where the past and present collide, and where the supernatural is hidden among the mundane. This is a thrilling and compelling read for young adults and adult readers who enjoy magic and suspense.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A new magical fantasy adventure, inspired by the witch trials of the 1600’s.

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