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Kerrie Faye

Dead Girl


A girl resurrected from the dead, seeks answers.

It is the first day back at Wilson County High School for sophomore, Ember O’Neill. Ember had a tough time as a Freshman. She struggled with depression and synesthesia (a neurological condition where stimulation of one sense leads to involuntary experiences in other senses), and was bullied by classmates Wayne Wilson, Maddison Miller, and others. Longing to fit in and have a better school experience, Ember has five goals for her sophomore year: 1) to get a bestie, 2) to stay off Maddison’s radar, 3) to avoid and ignore Wayne, 4) to become popular, and 5) to get a boyfriend.

When she meets and develops a friendship with new girl, Hallee, Ember achieves her first goal. But she is still ostracism and targeted by her peers and receives hateful and threatening messages. Ember reluctantly goes to a ‘back to school’ party, but following an incident with Wayne, Ember almost drowns in the hosts’ swimming pool. She is dead for around twenty minutes and brought back to life by paramedics. News of the incident spreads, and Ember becomes a local celebrity. As Ember’s popularity increases, Wayne is incarcerated in a juvenile detention centre. Life for Ember improves, and she begins dating a new boy, Logan Lauder. But, following her near-death experience, Ember experiences visions and nightmares, and her father is tragically killed by a rabid bobcat. As Ember tries to make sense of the visions and her father’s death, she soon learns the truth about her neurological condition and her ancestry.

Dead Girl is a gripping coming-of-age, supernatural drama by Kerrie Faye. Set in the 1990’s, the book follows Ember O’Neill in her sophomore year, as she grapples with depression and synesthesia, and struggles to find her place. Her life is transformed following a freak incident at a pool party, and she discovers she possesses extraordinary abilities. As she learns to control her powers, she must also defeat a deadly assassin hired to kill her. With a blend of reality and fantasy, plenty of teen drama, and an unexpected, supernatural plot twist, this is a compelling, captivating, and hard-to-put-down novel.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A captivating and gripping teen drama, with an unexpected supernatural twist.

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