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Ilene Grydsuk


Age of Resolve: The E.V. Chronicles


A teenager discovers a sinister plot that could destroy humanity.     


Seventeen-year-old Everett Steele graduates high school and immediately goes to work as an agent for Biodome. Biodome is a regime created 100 years ago, following the great reset that wiped out the misguided ideology and spurious intentions of an ancient civilization seemingly bent on destroying itself. The new regime corrected everything wrong with the world, and eliminated the unemployed, uninspired, uninitiated, deviants, dissidents, and rule breakers. But Biodome’s universal moral compass, the existential virus (EV) that infected and wiped out all the incorrigibles from the world, is under attack. The destruction of the EV will end the Age of Resolve (the new society) and return society to ancient times.

Everett enters the animal rehabilitation program in the Department of Animal Welfare at Biodome. Before EV, ancient civilians decimated more than 41,000 species, some 16,000 to the brink of extinction. Everett’s job is to support the rehabilitation and repopulation of all forms of native and non-native species. She meets a fellow agent Jake Domanso, and they discover a secret plot to destroy the EV and with it, the Age of Resolve. Everett and Jake join forces and plan to infiltrate the laboratory to save the EV, and humanity, from destruction.

Age of Resolve: The E.V. Chronicles is an original, dystopian science fiction novel for young adult readers, by author Ilene Grydsuk. Grydsuk has built a compelling world, with a gripping plot and well-rounded, believable characters.  This is an exceptional novel, that was both thought-provoking and disturbing on many levels.

This book is the first in a new series, and I look forward to reading the next instalment.

Readers who enjoy science fiction and dystopian novels, and Christian fiction will enjoy this.

An epic and immersive read, and highly recommended.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An exceptional dystopian science fiction novel, with a gripping plot and believable characters.

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