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Eric Westergard


Soul Scepter: Time Marauders

A time-travelling fantasy adventure to medieval England.

Sixteen-year-old Will Donovan is the son of a mass terrorist, who blew up hundreds of people when Will was just a baby. Will was relentlessly bullied by his classmates, and his family received death threats, when he displayed ‘violent genetic predispositions.’ Unbeknownst to Will, his family have special ‘unhuman abilities,’ and he has been watched and monitored by the authorities for years. During a game of paintball, Will and his friend Danny are targeted by a bully named Tanner and his friends. Will and Danny manage to outsmart the bullies, but they are left abandoned in the Idaho desert. When their friends come to rescue them, they are chased and attacked by a militant organization. The friends find themselves in a battle for a powerful scepter in the middle of the desert. When Will inadvertently activates the soul scepter, the friends are transported back in time to medieval England, in the year 1345. As the friends learn how to survive in their new (old) world, they are pursued by the evil Commander Morgan and his army.

Soul Scepter: Time Marauders is a historical fantasy fiction, adventure novel by author Eric Westergard, about a group of American teens who travel back in time to medieval England. This is a well written and cleverly crafted novel for young adult readers, full of action, adventure, and many plot twists and turns. With vivid descriptions of medieval England, and a number of historical characters, this is both an entertaining and insightful read.

This is an exhilarating, fun filled, time travelling adventure that will appeal to teens and young adult readers who enjoy historical fiction, fantasy, and stories of time-travel.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An exhilarating novel for young adult readers, combining the thrill of time travel with the intrigue of medieval England.

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