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Dr. Shon Lewis


The Wonder Wig

Meet Brooke Bell: an extraordinary young girl with an extraordinary wonder wig.

A young girl named Brooke Bell lives with her mom and dad in Arkansas. Brooke has short, afro hair and wishes she has long flowing locks like her favourite Barbie dolls. One day, Brooke takes one of her moms’ wigs and wears it to school. But when she drops one of her books, the wig falls off her head and the other students laugh at her. Her grandmother comforts her and reminds her of her natural beauty. Her mom on the other hand is cross she took the wig. Brooke is unhappy that her parents are always working and never spend anytime with her. She enjoys spending time at her grandparents’ house, and following the incident with the wig she asks to live with them over the summer. After lots of arguments, her mom finally agrees. During the summer break, Brooke helps out at her Aunt Pam’s hair salon, enjoying the interactions with customers, and admiring all the hair products and wigs for sale. Over the years, Brooke continues to work at her aunt’s salon at weekends, and her relationship with her mom improves. When she is aged sixteen, Aunt Pam gives Brooke a wig. But this is no ordinary wig. The wig has special powers that enable Brooke to hear other people’s conversations. She hears other girls talking about their alopecia and decides to help them. She keeps the special powers a secret, disguises her appearance, and uses her earnings from the salon to buy wigs for girls with alopecia. As Brooke helps more girls, there is a news report of a nameless person, they call ‘Dashing Dazzle’ donating wigs to a hair clinic for girls with alopecia. A cash reward of $20,000 is offered to identify the mysterious wig benefactor. Will Brooke reveal her identity and claim the cash prize? And will she reveal the powers of the extraordinary wonder wig?

The Wonder Wig by Dr. Shon Lewis is a fun and imaginative short story for young adult readers, about an extraordinary young girl with an extraordinary wonder wig. Brooke’s life is changed forever when she is given a special wig as a gift. But rather than using the special powers for personal gain, she decides to use the powers to help others more in need. This is a great concept, and a positive story for women and girls that celebrates the beauty and diversity of afro hair. The book promotes hair-positivity and good hair health, and encourages readers to accept their natural beauty whilst respecting individual choice on haircare products and wigs. At the same time, the book raises awareness of alopecia and may help to reduce stigma associated with this condition. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Dashing Dazzle’ character and believe the author could explore this character much further. I would love to hear more from her and her wonder wig!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun, positive and empowering story for women and girls, which celebrates natural beauty and respects individual hair-care choices.

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