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Daryl McCullough


Story of Tree and Cloud

A poignant story about the circle of life, from author Daryl McCullough

Folie, a coast live oak tree, over one hundred and fifty years of age, lives on the top of a golden Californian coastal hillside. She enjoys spending time with all the wonderful creatures who visit her every season, the caterpillars who munch on her leaves, and the birds who nestle on her branches. One day, after several days of rain, a small puddle appears on the ground nearby, and Folie and Puddle soon become good friends. As the rain continues to fall, Puddle grows and so does the friendship between Folie and the Puddle. Until one day, the rain stops falling and Puddle dries up and disappears. Folie is sad to lose her beloved friend, but Puddle suddenly reappears as a beautiful cloud in the sky. Folie is overjoyed to see her friend again and soon comes to realise that life never really ends, and love and friendship continue in one form or another, in the extraordinary circle of life.

Written by Daryl McCullough, in memory of his late mother, the Story of Tree and Cloud is a beautifully illustrated and poignant book about love, life and loss. Using metaphors from nature, the book explores complex topics of death, and grief, in an accessible and engaging way for younger readers. With a positive message about the circle of life, this book will provide comfort to anyone who is grieving or has lost a loved one.

With exquisite illustrations from by Maryanne Smith, this book will appeal to children and adults of all ages.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A beautifully illustrated book about love, life, and loss. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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