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Alexander Sotberg


Secrets of the Elementals

A young orphan goes on an epic adventure to find his inner powers, by author Alexander Sotberg


A young orphan named Garon is bullied at school and singled out by teachers as a troublemaker. Life at home is not much better, as his adoptive parents are cruel and unkind. One day, following a fight with the school bully, Garon is expelled from school. On his way home, he is ambushed by the bully and his friends, and is chased into the forest. Garon becomes lost deep in the forest, when he hears a strange voice and sees a pulsating purple light. He discovers that the voice and light belong to him. It’s his Elemental, named Aqo. Garon follows Aqo through a portal, to his ancestral home of Xanador, in search of his mother and father. As Garon enters Xanador, he learns more about the magical world and his Element.  Garon is a dualweaver, a powerful force with two elemental powers. As Garon learns how to control his new powers, his arrival in Xanador has caught the attention of King Gedeon. A dualweaver is the kingdom’s most renowned enemy, and King Gedeon has sent out an army of weavers to capture him.


The Xanador Saga by author Alexander Sotberg is a wonderful, fantasy fiction novel for young adult readers, and the first book in the Secrets of the Elementals series. The plot is complex with many twists and turns, but easy to read for the target reader group. Xanador is an enchanting, fantasy world, full of wonder and magic. Garon is a fascinating, well-developed and complex character. Orphaned as a child, believed to be abandoned by his parents, and bullied at school, many readers will relate to his experience and his challenges. When he learns of his ancestry and his abilities, Garon finally feels a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging.


With plenty of action and adventure, magic and mystery, sorcery, and suspense. What more could you want from a fantasy fiction novel for young adult readers?


Overall, imaginative, creative and beautifully written, this book will appeal to those who enjoy action and adventure, and fantasy fiction.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful, action and adventure fantasy book full of magic and mystery,


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