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Sally Kingman

Sally Kingman

Everything Is Everything: Finding Your Magic

Sally and her faithful little pup were out for walk one day, enjoying the sunshine, the flowers, the woodland creatures, and the aromas of the meadow. Deep in thought, and in admiration of the beautiful surroundings, Sally’s inner voice interrupts her serenity. Her inner voice was telling her to stop. To stop the daydreaming and the meaningless meandering through the meadow. Her inner voice reminded her of the much more important and productive things she could be doing with her time instead.

Normally, Sally would listen to the inner voice and head back home, but today was different. Today, Sally chose to ignore the inner voice, and continued to enjoy her time, simply appreciating the beauty of nature. As Sally chooses to do what makes her feel happy, she feels a sense of peace and discovers a whole new magical world, full of adventure.

This is a sweet story about a cute little girl, who, disturbed by negative, controlling thoughts, decides to follow her heart and finds true happiness and self-love. It will encourage readers to think positively and to pursue interests that make them happy, rather than what makes others happy.

A note for the author: we did spot some typos and grammatical errors, and therefore recommend a thorough editorial review.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A sweet story about a cute little girl, who finds true happiness and self-love. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Sally Kingman
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