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Nikita Kapoor

Nikita Kapoor

Pack of the Lost- The Uninviting Forest

Two young wolves must face their fears and enter a dangerous forest, by author Nikita Kapoor

A pack of majestic wolves live peacefully in a cave on the edge of the forest on a crooked mountain. But when the roof collapses and the cave crumbles, two young wolves, Daffodil and Jasper, become separated from the pack. Jasper tries to persuade Daffodil to search for the pack in the forbidden, uninviting forest. The forest has hidden dangers and Daffodil is scared, but she won’t allow Jasper to journey alone. She reluctantly agrees, and together they venture into the depths of the forest. Jasper and Daffodil are chased by hungry tigers, and become separated. Jasper desperately searches for Daffodil, and whilst trying to avoid danger, he meets two dogs, Cosmo and Nova.  Meanwhile, Daffodil is lost, scared and alone, deep in the forest. She meets a white wolf named Iris and finds a magical amulet, with a connection to her ancestors and the wolf god, Felix. The ghost of Felix helps the pair out of danger and the friends are reunited, but Daffodil is troubled by inner turmoil, and Jasper is haunted by a disturbing dream. Will the pair ever find their way out of the uninviting forest? And can they rebuild their pack?

The Uninviting Forest, by ten-year old author Nikita Kapoor, is an imaginative, magical, fantasy fiction novel for middle grade readers. This is the first book in the Pack of the Lost series, and is packed full of action and adventure. The two main characters show strength, determination and leadership skills, as they face their fears and overcome many challenges in the forest. With excellent writing for someone so young, superb world-building, and captivating characters, Nikita Kapoor is a talent to watch out for.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An imaginative, magical, fantasy fiction novel, packed full of action and adventure.

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