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Kathleen Troy

Kathleen Troy

Dylan's Villain

Dylan’s Dog Squad is back and they face their biggest challenge yet, by author Kathleen Troy

Twelve-year-old Casey, his American Cocker Spaniel, Dylan, and Casey’s best friend Sumo, make up Dylan’s Dog Squad, a trio of detectives on a mission to solve mysteries, and find missing persons and animals. The Squad has been hired by their neighbour, ten-year-old Holly, to solve their first case. A famous chimpanzee, Bailey, has disappeared from his treehouse, while at the same time, the police are investigating missing postal packages across the town. As Dylan tracks down the mischievous chimp, and saves him from drowning in a neighbours swimming pool, he is captured on camera and becomes an overnight social media sensation. The newfound celebrities are invited to the opening of a new primate habitat at San Diego Zoo, where Dylan saves the day again when Bailey wreaks havoc in the visitor’s centre. Returning home, Dylan hopes that he will pass the coveted American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test at the Dream Big K-9 Academy. But, as Dylan finally takes his test, the owner of the Academy collapses and is suddenly rushed to hospital. The trio are faced with their biggest case yet, as they discover a notorious criminal, the Sledgehammer, has put the future of the Academy in jeopardy. The Squad risk their reputations and their lives to expose the Sledgehammer, and bring him to justice. Will Dylan’s Dog Squad catch the criminal? Will the trio save the Academy from closure? And, will Dylan ever pass his Good Citizen Test?

Dylan's Villain is the third instalment of the Dylan's Dog Squad series, by author Kathleen Troy. This is a charming and humorous book for young readers, with a captivating plot, and loveable and entertaining characters. I particularly enjoyed the special bond shared between Casey and Dylan, and Dylan’s sweet and funny commentary throughout the book. Readers will be thoroughly entertained and will laugh out loud at Dylan’s antics and observations. This was a delight to read and will captivate readers of all ages.

I look forward to reading more from Kathleen Troy and Dylan’s Dog Squad in the future.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A charming chapter book for readers of all ages, with a host of entertaining and amusing characters.

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