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Kat Farrow

Kat Farrow

Bobbin and the Magic Thief

Can a young faerie rescue her friend from an evil thief?


Miss Bobbin, a head-strong young Spindle Faerie, is an outsider in the realm of the Eastern Faeries. But she needs all the help she can get from her fae-folk when her best friend, Heddy, is stolen. One day, whilst out exploring the woods, Bobbin and Heddy approach the millers cottage. The friends know they are forbidden to get close to humans, but Heddy is attracted to something in the cottage. Entranced by the millers’ daughter singing, Heddy enters the cottage and dances on the spinning wheel. Bobbin tries to coax her out of the cottage, but Heddy is snatched suddenly by a flying sack. Bobbin chases the sack and finds the thief; a strange, little man. She chases the thief but soon loses sight of him. Unable to find her friend, Bobbin seeks the help of the fair Queen Maeb. She pleads with the Queen to help her, but the Queen makes it clear that Bobbin must rescue Heddy herself, because she is the one responsible for her disappearance. As Bobbin sets out on her mission to locate the thief and rescue her friend, she joins allies with a host of woodland creatures. But unbeknownst to Bobbin, the thief has another, more sinister motive for stealing Heddy. When Bobbin learns of the thief’s plot, she is forced to break the faerie law in order to save her best friend. Will Bobbin save her friend? Or will the thief achieve his goal and destroy the Spindle Faeries?


Bobbin and the Magic Thief: A Spindle Faerie Tale is the first book in the fantasy fiction series, by author Kat Farrow. The story is a retelling of the classic Rumpelstiltskin fairytale, with a magical infusion of faeries.  In this imaginative adaptation, the author transports the reader to an enchanting faerie realm, full of charming characters, wonder, and adventure. The plot, while retaining some of the original Rumpelstiltskin story, takes on many twists and turns. Bobbin is a delightful character, and her journey to rescue her friend is also a personal journey of self-discovery.


This is a wonderful novel for young readers, combining elements of magic, mystery, and suspense. It will appeal to readers who enjoy traditional fairy tales as well as contemporary fantasy fiction.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A traditional fairy tale reimagined and infused with enchanting faerie magic.

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