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Jo-Ann Scranton

Jo-Ann Scranton

Kathi Q Builds a Time Machine?

Can Kathi Q fulfil her dream and build the worlds first time travelling machine?

Kathi loves to build machines. She can practically build anything and everything from everyday household items. One day, Kathi has an idea. She decides to make the world’s first time-machine. Inside her garage, she connects old buttons, gears, switches, toggles, batteries, and zippers together. Eureka, her time machine is born!  But when Kathi switches on her time machine, something very strange happens. Everything and everyone are upside down. She hasn’t built a time machine; she has built an upside-down machine! But Kathi doesn’t worry, she decides being upside down is much more fun anyway. As Kathi uses a pair of suction cups to stick to the floor, she quickly adapts to the upside-down world. But, as everything starts to fall to the ceiling, she soon discovers life upside down is not as fun as it seems. How long will Kathi be stuck upside-down? And can Kathi’s machine make the world the right side up again?

Kathi Q. Builds a Time Machine is an illustrated picture book by author Jo-Ann Scranton about a very creative, inventive, and talented young woman who loves to build magnificent machines.  But when things don’t go quite to plan, Kathi doesn’t worry and makes the most of the situation. This is a fun book for readers, who will enjoy reading about Kathi’s adventures and the silly situations in which she finds herself.  It will encourage young readers to be creative, and might even encourage them to start their own science or technology project! This is a unique and imaginative picture book, with an interesting and memorable protagonist. I would love to read more about Kathi and follow her amazing STEM inspired adventures.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun, unique and imaginative picture book about a creative and inventive young woman who loves to build magnificent machines.

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