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J.T. Tenera

J.T. Tenera

Erift's Journeys: The Dark Messengers

Joseph and Eric are back in another magical adventure, by author J.T. Tenera

The Dark Messengers is the second instalment in the Erift's Journeys series, by author J.T. Tenera. It has been a year since Joseph Erift and his best friend, Eric Castis, embarked on a magical gaming adventure in the remote Murean Islands. During the trip, they met an eccentric researcher, Professor Benjamin Thessit, and were asked to track down a young man named Ryan Morter, who had stolen the Professor’s research.

Life has pretty much returned back to normality in their hometown of Sethen County, and Joseph and Eric are preparing for college, when the friends are suddenly chased by strange, black shadowy creatures. They receive an urgent letter from the Professor, with VIP plane tickets, requesting their immediate return to Murean.

Joseph and Eric travel back to the Murean Islands and reunite with the Professor. They discover that the strange shadowy creatures are connected to Ryan Morter, and the events that took place in the Sealed Forest a year ago. As the creatures follow their every move, Joseph and Eric must act quickly to assist the Professor, and avert the biggest catastrophe the world has ever faced, before his research is shut down by the Secretive Information Agency.

The Dark Messengers by author J.T. Tenera is an epic, action-packed, sequel to the Secrets of The Sealed Forest. The book picks up a year after the first book in the series ended, and introduces some new characters, as well as the return of the two memorable protagonists, Joseph and Eric, and the eccentric Professor. I enjoyed this book even more than the first book, particularly from a character development perspective. It was great to see the characters, their relationships, and their magic, grow and develop through the series.

This is a fun, entertaining and magical novel, that will appeal to middle grade readers and young adults alike. Highly recommended.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An epic, action-packed sequel, with memorable characters, and a captivating, magical world.

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