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Eliana Hidalgo

Eliana Hidalgo

Mrs Owl's Messy Library

Mrs Owl has so many books, she doesn’t know what to do with them all.

Mrs Owl had many, many books. She loved all of her books, but her library was a mess! It was crowded, dark and very, very dusty. One day, Mrs Owl couldn’t find one of her favorite books. She searched the library and tripped over a pile of books, falling all the way down the stairs. Mrs Owl had finally had enough of the mess and decided to clean the whole library. Several weeks later, the library was thoroughly clean, but the book Mrs Owl was looking for was still nowhere to be seen. But when she finally finds the book, hidden in a special place, Mrs Owl thinks there is something missing from the library. She decides to open up the library to the neighborhood and invites all of her friends to borrow and read the books.

Mrs Owl's Messy Library is a charming, illustrated picture book by Eliana Hidalgo, about a wise and book-loving owl who has so many books, she doesn’t know what to do with them all. After she loses one of her favorite books in the mess, she decides a thorough clean is well overdue. After the library is clean, she realizes that the library could be enjoyed by others in her community and opens it up, so others can enjoy her beloved books.

This is a sweet story with an adorable owl character. The book celebrates the joy of reading and sharing an enjoyable book with others. It will hopefully inspire a love of reading among young readers.

The pastel colored, whimsical illustrations by Sara E, Steinberg are simply delightful.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: With sweet animal characters, themes of kindness and generosity, and the joy of discovering an enjoyable book, this is perfect for young readers who love animals and books alike.

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