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E.M. Schorb

E.M. Schorb

FIVE AND TEN, A Fairy Tale, a Few Poems, and a Fable

Five and Ten, A Fairy Tale, a Few Poems, and a Fable is a collection of previously published stories and poems by author E.M. Schorb. The stories and poems are accompanied by a small number of sweet, hand drawn, illustrations by the authors’ daughters.

The first story is a traditional fairy-tale called The Golden Squirrel about the Czar of Russia who asked his magician to perform a magic poem to turn his son, Prince Leo, into a golden squirrel. By turning his son into a squirrel, he hoped to bring him home from China in secret, and to protect him from being stolen by his enemies. Prince Leo, in the guise of a little squirrel, faces a perilous journey back to Russia, where he comes face to face with his fathers’ enemies, and a great white bear.

The collection includes six sweet and funny, cleverly crafted poems, The Ghost Shop, The Riddle of the Clock, Monsieur Elan, Instant Angels, The Squid, Sock Puppets Song, The Horrid Truth, and The Rubber Church. My particular favourite from this collection is, It Must Have Been the Angels, which beautifully describes the wonder of nature and humankind.

This is a beautiful collection of traditional poems and stories, reminiscent of a time gone by. Reading this book, I was taken back to my own childhood, sitting on my grandmother’s knee, whilst she read poetry. I hope young readers will get to experience the same joy and wonder whilst sharing this book with their loved ones.

The book will appeal to readers who enjoy poetry and those who enjoy classic fables and fairy tales.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A wonderful, sentimental collection of poems, fables and fairy tales that will be treasured by readers forever.

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