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Danielle Marietta and Marissa Kearney

Danielle Marietta and Marissa Kearney

Truth Tales: The Air Fair-He

Gabe’s adventure with the tooth fair-he.

One day, during school, Gabe loses a tooth when he bites into an apple. He looks after the tooth carefully until he returns home, hoping he might receive a payment from the tooth fairy. He wonders, Do tooth fairies really exist? And how do fairies get their magic? Gabe has an idea. That evening, he asks his dad to help him catch a tooth fairy so he can ask her himself. He places the tooth under his pillow and uses an old glass saltshaker as a trap, to catch the fairy and block her magic. In the middle of the night, Gabe is woken by the bell he attached to the saltshaker. Much to his surprise, he finds a warm glowing light shining inside the trap and a tiny tooth fairy. But this is no ordinary tooth fairy. This isn’t even a she-fairy. This is an air fair-he, or tooth fair-he. A male tooth fairy, with a fresh haircut and cool winged-sneakers. Tony, the air fair-he, agrees to tell Gabe all his fairy secrets, on the condition that he releases him from the trap. Tony shrinks Gabe to miniature proportions and travels with him in his backpack to a toothy kingdom. After receiving his own pair of winged-sneakers, Gabe is shown around the Root Canal and learns all about the air fair-he’s, the jewel-hers, and the mouthguards. But just as he learns how human teeth are turned into precious gemstones, the mouthguards notice an intruder in the kingdom. Can Gabe escape before the mouthguards capture him?

Truth Tales: The Air Fair-He is a fun and imaginative tale for newly independent readers by Danielle Marietta and Marissa Kearney. The book is a modern twist on the traditional tooth-fairy story, with a lesson or two on dental hygiene. It follows the journey of a young boy named Gabe on a quest to trap the elusive tooth fairy. But the tooth fairy isn’t quite as he imagined, and he goes on a magical adventure to the land of the air fair-he’s, the jewel-hers, and the mouthguards.

The book beautifully captures the innocence and wonder of childhood, making it a charming read for children and the young at heart.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A traditional tooth-fairy story, with a contemporary twist.

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