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D Burton Smith

D Burton Smith

Quoth the Raven

Author D. Burton Smith offers a fascinating insight into the world of a young raven.

Named after an Edgar Allan Poe poem, Quoth the North American raven lives high up in a nest on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean. He is one of three chicks, and his mom and dad take good care of him and his siblings. They keep their nest fresh, clean, and tidy, and bring food for the chicks every day.  Until he is two or three years old, and finds a partner of his own, Quoth joins a rowdy group of young ravens, called the unkindness of ravens. He enjoys dropping and catching objects from the sky, and he catches small animals, like mice, to eat. He likes shiny things, and often picks up objects that have been left by humans. One day, he meets a raven named Viola. After courting for many months, Quoth and Viola build a nest together and prepare for their own chicks.

Quoth the Raven is a delightful and beautifully illustrated picture book by author D. Burton Smith, about the life of a North American raven, named Quoth. The book follows his journey from before he was born, his life as a chick and a young adolescent, until he meets a life partner of his own. Burton Smith describes the behaviours and habitat of this beautiful, and often misunderstood, bird. While often associated with death and illness, raven’s are one of the smartest birds in the world. They can use tools, play games, and mimic animal, bird, and even human sounds. Ravens can even recognise people and hold grudges against those who have wronged them!

The illustrations by Paul Hock are stunning. Each page is a work of art, with vivid colours and intricate details that bring Quoth’s world to life.  Written from the perspective of the raven, this is a charming story that will engage readers of all ages. While primarily aimed at children, the illustrations and story make it a pleasure to read for adults and children alike.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delightful and beautifully illustrated picture book, that will spark children’s curiosity about the natural world and this magnificent species.  

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