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Colette Sewall

Colette Sewall

Kiki Macadoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas

Twelve-year-old Kiki Macadoo and her sister Alison are excited to spend the summer at Mount Faylinn Conservatory, a prestigious ballet school run by Madame Dupree. Just before the sisters leave home, Kiki notices something very strange about the conservatory brochure and feels a little anxious. Then, when a stranger on the train warns her there could be danger ahead, Kiki wonders whether she made the right decision. Kiki is even more dismayed when she is placed in the bottom class with a group of younger kids, while her talented sister is placed in the top class.

Kiki soon settles into camp, but everything changes one day when she stumbles across a secret gate and follows a mysterious boy through the forest. Kiki discovers a magical world of flower fairies, wee folk, and strange creatures. But the fairies are not as friendly as they look, and Kiki is besieged with a series of bad luck, when she fails to follow the forest rules and crosses the path of an elder fairy. As Kiki rebuilds her relationship with the fairies, her luck turns from bad to worse on the night of her sister’s surprise sixteen birthday. Kiki must summon all of her strength and courage to try and rescue her sister from the gruesome graveyard ballerinas, and to save the ballet school from ruin.

This is a fantastic, well-written book for middle-grade readers, packed full of drama and suspense. The haunting and captivating front cover will entice readers who love ballet, as well as those who love ghostly adventures and mystery stories. Sewell captures the beauty and joy of ballet, and the bond between two sisters perfectly. Ideal for readers aged eight to twelve. Highly recommended.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A fantastic book packed full of drama and suspense, for those who love ballet and mystery stories. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

Colette Sewall
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