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Christine Copeland

Christine Copeland

Have You Seen the Ghost of John

Author and artist Christine Copeland brings an old folk song to life through beautiful watercolour illustrations

Have You Seen the Ghost of John? by author Christine Copeland, is based on a folk song of the same name. The sheet music is included at the start of the book, and the author encourages readers to sing along. The book tells the story of newlyweds Abigail and Peter Williams who visit Peters family in their New England village, but they sense a presence, which, unbeknownst to them, is the ghost of their ancestor John Williams. Readers are encouraged to find John Williams in the beautiful watercolour illustrations.

This is an interactive picture book, where readers are encouraged to get involved by singing along and finding John Williams in the illustrations. Young readers will love to get involved, and sing along with their parents or carers.

The illustrations by Copeland are stunning and a piece of art in their own right. They capture the era and the New England scenery perfectly, and include a touch of humour.

Star rating: 5 Stars.

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