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Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Charli's Adventure Journal, Destination Victoria, Texas and Beyond

Young explorer, Charli, and her adventures in her hometown, Victoria, Texas.    


Inspired by a famous explorer from the 1800’s named Ida Phieffer; Charlotte (Charli) Beatriz Phieffer writes stories about her travel adventures in her journal. Charli’s dad travels all over the world with his work, and sometimes Charli travels with him. She loves to explore and learn new things about the different places she visits. In this book, Charli explores her hometown, Victoria in Texas, which was founded two hundred years ago and has a fascinating history. In her journal, Charli captures a series of adventures in Victoria and beyond: from camping at Lake Texana, zoo-keeping at Texas Zoo, and the annual, lighted Christmas parade. There are twenty-two adventures in total and each adventure is captured on a double-page spread. Each spread includes Charli’s personal experience of the adventure, lots of fascinating facts and beautiful photography. It includes the location of the adventure, Charli’s favorite and most interesting things, and a special imagination or adventure challenge, where Charli had to learn something new or take part in a new activity.

Charli's Adventure Journal, Destination: Victoria, Texas and Beyond, is a wonderful travel adventure book by author Cheryl Johnson. Written as a journal extract, the book combines a story of a fictional character, with a handy travel resource. Charli is a charming, fun, and adventurous character and I particularly liked the whimsical illustrations. Young people will relate to the character and enjoy reading about her adventures. The travel resource provides lots of fascinating facts and insightful information about each place and can be used by readers to help plan their own travel adventure. I didn’t know much about Victoria before I read this book, but I do now! It has inspired me to visit this fascinating and historical town, and I look forward to reading more about Charli’s other adventures too.

Overall, an insightful and entertaining book for adventurers and travel enthusiasts of any age.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun, insightful and entertaining story, with a charming protagonist and a handy travel guide of Victoria, Texas.

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