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Barbara Mishkin

Barbara Mishkin

TIPs Magical Journey

A heartwarming and educational train journey through different customs and cultures.

Thaddeus Isaac Pendleton (Little Tip) is eight and a half years old. He loves to ride the train and explore the city on his own, when he is not at school. He loves to travel and meet new people, especially those from different countries and cultures. One Day, Little Tip meets an American man named Sam, who is on his way to work in the city. Sam is kind and talks to Little Tip. When he leaves the train, he wishes him a wonderful day. He meets a couple from Greece named Demetrius and Athena, who tell him about their restaurant and Greek cuisine. He meets another couple, Mei and Chang from China, who moved to the United States to study and were seeking citizenship. He meets ‘The Boys’, brothers crossing the city to go on a fishing trip, and his friend Billy who helps provide food to homeless people. During the rest of the journey, he meets a variety of people, including Gabriel and Maria from Portugal, Mr Moy from Columbia, Daniel and Esther from Israel, a Docent named Elsie, African Americans Michael and Raven, Italians Luca and Mia, ice hockey fans Lizzie and Johnny, a blind sculptor and activist named Mr Stephen, shop-owner Nancy, father and son Juan and Pedro, and Sofia and Miguel from Spain. In each interaction, Little Tip makes a new friend and learns about their life, food, culture, customs, and language. When each passenger leaves the train, they leave Little Tip with their thought of the day. Little Tip shares his learnings, spreading kindness amongst other passengers.

TIP's Magical Journey by author Barbara Mishkin is an inspirational and thought-provoking book that takes readers on a captivating journey through different cultures. Written from the perspective of Little Tip, a little boy full of curiosity and adventure. Little Tip loves to travel and meet new people, and he has a natural gift for communicating with others. Through a single train journey, readers are transported to various corners of the world, learning about different cultures and customs. This book is a wonderful blend of storytelling and cultural exploration, which will spark curiosity and promote cultural awareness in young readers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A heartwarming and educational book, which promotes diversity, kindness, and friendship.

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