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Aurora Winter

Aurora Winter

Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App

A thrilling, magical, mystery ride through the multiverse, by author Aurora Winter


Siblings, Ana and Zachary, from Los Angeles, California, are visiting their Aunt Wendy and Uncle Shockley in Vancouver. Ana is an aspiring actress, who dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Zachary is in remission from cancer, and immunocompromised. The siblings are in quarantine following their travels and are alone in the house and bored. They explore their aunt and uncle’s house, and find their uncle’s experimental, hydrogen-fueled car, named the Parallel Universe Pod (P.U.P). While they are exploring the car, Ana activates the Marvelous Multiverse app, which takes them on a joyride across the solar system. The P.U.P transports them to a parallel world and they crash land on a planet called Lokey, accidentally killing the evil Emerald Censor.


Ana and Zachary meet the magical and mysterious inhabitants of Lokey and become instant heroes. When they learn of a Wizard Snapdragon with magical healing powers, they set off to find her, in the hope that she will cure Zachary’s cancer. But their arrival in Lokey has not gone unnoticed, and the siblings are soon pursued by Queen Crimson, who is determined to avenge the death of the Emerald Censor. As the siblings navigate this new world, the cruel Queen Crimson kidnaps Zachary. Ana must rescue her brother, whilst at the same time must confront the evil forces that are determined to destroy her.


Magic, Mystery, and the Multiverse: The Marvelous Multiverse App is a magical, fantasy fiction, adventure novel, and the first book in a planned series, by author Aurora Winter. This is a fun, fantastic, fast-paced, fantasy adventure, well-executed by Winter. With a unique and imaginative plot, a mesmerising magical multiverse, and a host of wonderful and magical creatures, this book will appeal to young adult readers who enjoy adventure and fantasy fiction.  Inspired by books, such as Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter, and movies such as Back to the Future, this book can sit proudly alongside those classics.


Star rating: 5 Stars


Summary: A fun, fantasy fiction novel, packed full of magic and adventure. A thrilling ride through the multiverse, not to be missed!


Aurora Winter
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