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Aaron Derr

Aaron Derr

Baseball Buddies Building a Team

Can new team captain Luis motivate a team of baseball players?

Eleven-year-old Luis has recently moved from Texas to Ohio and misses his old friends. He joins the McIntyre Manatees, a community baseball team of boys and girls from the local neighborhood. It is the first day of practice, and he meets his coach, Joe, and his new teammates. Joe explains that now the players are a little older, it is time for them to take more of a leadership role in the team. He asks each player to describe their reason for playing baseball, and Luis explains he plays baseball to have fun. Joe selects Luis as the new team captain, because although baseball is about working hard and trying to win, it’s mainly about having fun. But Luis is not happy. He has never been a captain before and does not think he would make a good leader.

The Manatees have three weeks to get ready for their first game and Coach Joe helps Luis prepare the team. Luis thinks the team are working too hard, and not enjoying the practice. They start to incorporate more fun into the practice, but soon the players are having too much fun! Luis calls a players-only meeting to try and improve their game, but some of the team are not happy with the new arrangement and only one player turns up to the meeting. Can Luis bring the team together? And how can he motivate the team to work hard, whilst still having fun?

Baseball Buddies: Building a Team is a baseball-themed chapter book for middle grade readers by Aaron Derr. The book follows Luis’s journey as he joins a new baseball team in a new town and is immediately given the responsibility of team captain. Luis is a reluctant captain, but with help from his coach, he develops confidence and leadership qualities. The book shows that anything is possible with a little guidance and a positive mindset. It demonstrates the importance of friendship, teamwork, commitment, and fun, both on and off the field.

This is a fun and entertaining book that will help young readers develop confidence and self-esteem. It might also inspire young readers to take up leadership roles, in sport or elsewhere. Perfect for budding baseball players, and anyone interested in sport and other team adventures.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun, entertaining and inspiring baseball themed chapter book, with a positive message about the importance of friendship, teamwork, commitment, and fun.

Aaron Derr
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