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Wendy Hewlett

Wendy Hewlett

Witches & Whisky

Maggie Glass must face her past, to solve a horrific crime, by author Wendy Hewlett

Magaidh Ghlais was orphaned at the age of eight, following the brutal murder of her parents, who were found burned at the stake on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Magaidh was found near the scene of the crime, but had no memory of her parent’s murder, or of her life before the tragic incident. Magaidh was brought up by her godmother and inherited her parents’ successful distillery business, Ghlais Whiskey, on their death. The business was run by her uncle Alastaire until Magaidh was able to take over. But Magaidh, still traumatised and grieving the horrific death of her parents, was uninterested in the business and allowed Alastaire to run it on her behalf.  Magaidh changed her name to Maggie Glass to distance herself from the business, and joined the police service of Scotland.

Eighteen years following the death of her parents, Detective Constable Maggie Glass is called out to the scene of a horrific crime. A young woman, Jamie Kenmore, is found burned at the stake on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Jamie’s murder follows a similar pattern and modus operandi to her parent’s murder, and the murder of many other powerful, intelligent and successful women, found in similar circumstances. Maggie is drafted in to support the investigation, in the hope that it might trigger her childhood memories and identify the killers.  But as Maggie starts to investigate the crime, she discovers a connection with her parent’s business, her uncle Alastaire, the highest ranks of the police service, and the Lords of Edinburgh, a secret society of witch-hunters.  Maggie must seek the help of a witch, to help her retrieve her childhood memories, and a reporter to help bring the murderers to justice.

Witches & Whisky is a thrilling and gritty police drama and murder mystery novel, by author Wendy Hewlett. The book is a traditional murder mystery story, with interesting and memorable characters, and a unique and gripping plot. DC Maggie Glass is a fascinating protagonist, and I look forward to reading more about her life, loves, and detective work. 

Set against the magnificent and haunting Edinburgh backdrop, and inspired by Scottish history, this is a perfect book for readers of crime fiction.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A thrilling and gritty murder mystery novel, with a gripping plot, and a fascinating protagonist.

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