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Tobin Marks

Tobin Marks

Ark of the Apocalypse

A new post-apocalyptic/science fiction series, by author Tobin Marks

Planet Earth is dying. The global temperature has risen, the polar ice caps have melted, and forest fires are raging out of control across the world. Eleven billion people are dying of thirst, and are on the brink of extinction, as governments rage war over scarce natural resources. The only hope for the survival of the human race is to leave Earth and colonize another planet. The nation states come together and build the Magellan II, the first star ship capable of interstellar travel. The ship transports ten thousand people of childbearing age to the far distant Draco constellation. Reminiscent of the Noah’s Ark, the ship carries the genetic strains of all Earths species, to recreate life on the new planet. It is hoped that the lush, watery planet, as seen in the visions of a prominent geneticist, will have the ability to sustain life and continue humanity. But survival for the colonists isn’t guaranteed, as the star ship crash lands, and the colonists must learn to live alongside the giant, dinosaur-sized reptiles that inhabit the planet. Will the colonists survive in this new alien world? And can this world survive with new human inhabitants?

Ark of the Apocalypse by author Tobin Mark is a thrilling and captivating science fiction and fantasy fiction novel, and the first in the series of the Magellan ll Chronicles. This is a well-researched, insightful, and thought-provoking book that details some of the significant scientific and engineering discoveries made by humans, as well as the destruction of planet Earth, caused by power, control and greed. It is a timely reminder of the environmental emergency we are currently facing, and what we could potentially face in the future if we fail to act now.

With superb world-building, plentiful and colourful characters, and a fast-paced, engaging plot, this book will appeal to fans of science fiction, fantasy fiction, and those interested in the environment and climate change.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A thrilling and captivating science fiction novel, with superb world-building, colourful characters, and a fast-paced, engaging plot.

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