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Robin Jeffrey

Robin Jeffrey

.exe: A Cadence Turing Mystery

Chance Hale is enamoured by a mysterious woman from a different planet.

Chance Hale is an Arrhidaean living in the wealthy suburb or Zahia. Chance is heir to the multi-billion-dollar company, Halcyon Enterprises, headed up by his father, Felix Hale. Travelling home after a one-night stand he can hardly remember, Chance notices a woman with a phoenix tattoo on her back. He introduces himself to the woman, and learns her name is Cadence Turing, from the plant Paraesepe. New to the city, and with no where else to stay, Chance invites the stranger to stay at his house, the imposing Hale Manor. Felix is planning a party that night and has an important announcement to make. He is not happy his son has brought a stranger into the house.

As Cadence learns more about the strange, new world, the party gets underway.  To everyone’s surprise, Felix announces his engagement to Desdemona Eydis, and gives her an expensive necklace. Chance is livid that his father is marrying a woman younger than him, and who he has known for just three months. When Chance confronts his father, Felix threatens to cut him off from his inheritance. The next day, Desdemona’s necklace is missing, and the following day Felix is found beaten to death in his room. As Chance becomes the prime suspect for his father’s murder, Cadence reveals her true identity, putting her own life in danger. Will Chance prove his innocence? Will Cadence’s true identity be discovered by the authorities? And can they solve the mystery of Felix’s death?

.exe: A Cadence Turing Mystery is a thrilling science fiction novel by author Robin Jeffrey, and the first book in the Cadence Turing mystery series. The book follows two people from two different worlds, who are unexpectedly brought together and realise they have more in common than they think.  This is a classic mystery novel, set in a captivating futuristic world. With intriguing characters, and a gripping mystery plot, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy futuristic fantasy fiction and crime mysteries.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A classic whodunnit, with a unique, futuristic twist.

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