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Rebecca Anne Nguyen

Rebecca Anne Nguyen

The 23rd Hero

A young woman travels back in time to try and avert an environmental disaster.

Sloane Burrows, a twenty-nine-year-old Techno Engineering graduate from Vancouver, is working as a ‘Boothie’ subcontractor (technician) for ‘The Program.’ Developed by an unknown inventor, The Program is a government initiative that aims to right the wrongs of the past, by transporting people back in time, to change the future. Due to over population, deforestation, industrialisation and much more, the world is on the brink of an environmental apocalypse. Citizens are encouraged to apply to The Program to become a ‘Hero,’ to save the world and receive a $10 million reward for their family. Twenty-two Heroes have successfully travelled back in time, resulting in positive environmental impacts. Sloane has secretly dreamed of applying to The Program, but she is ineligible due to her work as a subcontractor. Almost a year has passed since the last Hero travelled back in time and the world is on the brink of collapse once again. The government lifts the restrictions and Sloane is eligible to apply. Her twin brother applies on her behalf, and she is shortlisted. The odds are stacked against her, as no woman has ever been selected as a Hero. But, out of thirty-three million applicants, Sloane is selected as the 23rd Hero. Sloane’s mission is to travel back in time to sixteenth-century France to the home of King Francis I. Her task is to pose as a royal fortune teller, to build the King’s trust and influence his decision making. The aim is to stop the King from investing in the first French expedition to the Americas. It is hoped that this will delay French colonization in the New World, and ensure Indigenous people retain control of their homelands, thereby reducing the carbon footprint for future generations. But, when the man of her dreams walks into her life, Sloane’s world is turned upside down. The mission is a huge risk. There is no guarantee that the intervention will work, and Sloane could die in the past without ever knowing the outcome of her mission, or ever seeing the man of her dreams again.

The 23rd Hero by author Rebecca Anne Nguyen follows the journey of an extraordinary young woman who travels back in time to sixteenth century France to try and save the planet. Nguyen successfully combines an environmental disaster, with a historical time travel adventure, and a passionate love story. With an intriguing plot, beautifully written prose, and plenty of humor, this is a unique and remarkable novel from a debut author. Fans of time-travel, eco-dystopian fiction, history and romance will love this story.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: With plenty of humor and a passionate romance, this is a time-travelling adventure like no other.

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