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Raejean Kanter

Raejean Kanter

Who Held the Door Open?: Mentoring Through Life's Challenges

Author, Raejean Kanter, discusses the positive impact of mentoring.

Raejean Kanter has mentored over fifty people in her lifetime. She shares her own personal experience of going through a troubling time. She explains how she hit rock bottom, and the only thing that kept her going, was to focus on the positive things that happened to her that day. As a mentor, she questioned how she could mentor others when her own life was falling apart. She recalls that she became involved in mentoring as a result of people that mentored her, and ‘held the door open’, believing in her, encouraging her. One of those mentors was her father, and another, the owner of a weight loss business who gave her a job following breast cancer.

Kanter presents the true stories of three women she mentored. Each story is written by the mentee in her own words. The first story is from Stacey Kent. Stacey met Raejean whilst at university, at a time when she was having lots of fun, but her grades were slipping. Raejean helped Stacy define her aims and establish some life goals. Stacey remains friends with RaeJean to this day. The second story is from Rhonda Ronsman who describes Raejean as a mentor and number one friend. RaeJean supported Rhonda through one of her most difficult times, including following a period of heavy drinking. In the third story, Vân Thanh Nguyễn, a student from Vietnam discusses her relationship with Raejean and other mentors during her studies in the United States. Raejean even visited her home in Vietnam when she struggled to adapt to life back home. In the final story, Theresa Nemetz, describes how Raejean became her first professional mentor, and she uses her experience of working with many mentors to encourage readers to take action and challenge themselves.

Raejean shares four beautiful stories of four incredible women. In each story, each woman shares their personal life journey, and how mentors supported them through challenges and helped them to achieve their goals. They describe their friendship with Raejean and other mentors, and how they made a positive difference to their lives. Each story is unique, powerful, and inspiring.

The book demonstrates that we all need a friend and mentor, and we are all capable of opening the door to others. As Theresa Nemetz says, ‘I wish everyone could have a Raejean in their life’. I do too!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An inspirational woman shares four beautiful stories of women she has mentored. Each story is unique, powerful and inspiring.

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