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Peter Mazurek

Peter Mazurek

Modern Catholic Concerns

Peter Mazurek explores the history of the Catholic Church and modern catholic concerns.


Modern Catholic Concerns by Peter Mazurek considers Catholicism and the current issues facing the Catholic Church. The author discusses the existence of God, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the authority and authenticity of the Catholic Church, and a number of contemporary issues and controversies. He presents classic arguments, such as Five Ways of St Thomas Aquinas and the Teleological Argument, to modern theories from physicists such as Stephen Hawking. The book is divided into five parts. ‘Part 1 Parameters’ considers the Catholic faith, and the reasons or explanations for each of those beliefs.  ‘Part 2 The Existence of God’ explores how-to live a life as a Catholic, covering in detail the Mass, the sacraments, and other liturgical procedures, with explanations of how these procedures work, what they achieve, and their validity. ‘Part 3 The Divinity of Jesus Christ’ examines socioreligious norms and the theologies and teachings of Jesus Christ. It includes the Ten Commandments and their meaning and applications to contemporary issues. ‘Part 4 The Catholic Church’ deals with Christian prayer and covers in detail attitudes towards various communications with God. ‘Part 5 Contemporary Issues’ discusses modern issues, such as euthanasia, abortion, terrorism, paedophilia, and religious cults.


This is a comprehensive, extensively researched, well written and articulate book about Catholicism. Written by an extremely knowledgeable layperson, with arguments presented in layperson’s language, this book is an accessible read.  The author uses his personal knowledge and experience of growing up in the Catholic faith, but he does not preach to the reader. Mazurek states ‘I do not try to convert anyone to my views of faith’.  


The book provides fascinating insights into Catholicism and the Catholic Church. It explores the history of the church and contemporary issues, and will help readers make more informed choices about their own faith and life. The book will appeal to Catholics, Clerics, theology students, anyone interested in faith and the Catholic Church, and those who might be experiencing a crisis of faith. Non-Catholics will be fascinated by the history of the church, and modern catholic concerns.


This was a fascinating read, and I welcomed the opportunity to understand more about the Catholic faith, something I know very little about.


Star rating: 5 Stars


Summary: A fascinating and insightful book about the Catholic faith. An essential read for Catholics, and anyone interested in the Catholic church.

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