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Ona Gritz

Ona Gritz

Everywhere I Look

A heart wrenching memoir by Ona Gritz about the tragic death of her sister, Angie Boggs.

Ona Gritz’ older sister, Andrea (Angie) Gritz Boggs, her partner, infant son, and unborn child were brutally murdered by a couple that were visiting their home. Their bodies were dumped in a crawl space beneath their house and were not discovered until over six weeks after their disappearance. Several decades after Angie’s death and tormented by childhood memories and guilt for not standing up for her sister, Gritz set out to find out more about Angie’s life and tragic death. She examines court documents and official school records and decides to write a memoir, addressed to her sister. Gritz recalls her childhood, growing up with Angie, six years her senior. Angie was adopted by Gritz’ parents as a baby and Gritz always believed she was treated unfavourably by her parents, particularly her mother. Gritz recalls ‘Our roles were clear to us. I was our parents’ good girl. You were a devilish force. The sisters were close during childhood and Gritz describes her sister as both a ‘tormentor and protector.’ Gritz adored Angie, but the sisters grew apart during Gritz’ teen years, when Angie was frequently away from home. Through her research, Gritz learns about Angie’s birth and early years, her schooling, and how she was abused at a very young age. She learns that Angie spent time in mental institutions and correctional facilities during her teen years and had a drug addiction. As Gritz discovers the truth about her sister’s adoption, she uncovers family secrets that had been buried for many years.

Everywhere I Look is a poignant memoir by Ona Gritz about the life and death of her older sister, Angie Boggs. Written as a letter to her sister, the first love of her life, the book allowed Gritz to connect with her sister, and come to terms with her own grief. The detachment and numbness Gritz experienced for many years was a symptom of PTSD and survivor syndrome. The process of writing the memoir helped Gritz find the path towards healing. The memoir is a loving tribute to Angie and a testament to the unique and unbreakable bond between sisters.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A stunning and deeply moving exploration of grief and healing, beautifully told by Gritz with raw honesty and vulnerability.

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