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Matthew Binder

Matthew Binder

Pure Cosmos Club

Can a flailing artist find his place in the lavish New York art scene?

Paul, a thirty-seven-year-old New Yorker, is sacked from his job for not meeting the minimum expectations of performance. He lies to his girlfriend and keeps up the pretence of going to work for several months, while at the same time trying to set himself up as a visual artist. When his girlfriend discovers his betrayal she leaves him instantly, leaving him alone in his apartment in New York City with his disabled dog named Blanche.  In an art studio with his friend and fellow artist, Danny, Paul attempts to make a living creating and selling art. But his art is unconventional and often misunderstood, and he struggles to be accepted by the traditional art world.  When Paul has an affair with a married woman, he discovers that her husband is the leader of the Pure Cosmo Club, a secretive, quasi-religious cult that promotes rebirth and freedom of thought. In his quest to find his true self and a deeper purpose in life, Paul becomes obsessed with the club. He desperately tries to reach the clubs highest ranks, sacrificing his friendships and business relationships along the way.

Pure Cosmos Club by author Matthew Binder is an original satirical comedy, that follows the chaotic life of an eccentric visual artist as he attempts to navigate the art world in New York City. The author delivers a hilarious and thought-provoking commentary on the world of high art, celebrity, and fashion. Paul is a typical anti-hero, self-absorbed, annoying, and deeply flawed. But somehow, he is a relatable and likeable character, that readers will root for. His relationship with his dog, is endearing.

Overall, a unique, clever, funny, and entertaining novel. This is not my preferred genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy satire and dry humour.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: A clever, sharp, and funny satire about the lavish art world. Wild, weird, and wonderful in equal measure.

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