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Mary Perrine

Mary Perrine

The Storms of Eddie Greer

An elderly man is forced to confront the ghosts of his past following a tragic accident.


Sixty-year-old Eddie Greer lives on a four-hundred-acre farm with his wife, Jules, in a small town named Holland Crossing. Eddie inherited the farm from his late parents, but he has no love or attachment to the farm. Eddie was forced to give up his dreams, take over the farm and look after his mother, following his father’s death. Everything on the farm reminds him of his childhood and his abusive, alcoholic father. When Jules leaves him after forty-two years of marriage, and six weeks later his only grandson, twenty-two-year-old Cade, is tragically killed in a lightning bolt storm, Eddie is forced to face the ghosts of his past. Eddie’s family and the community blame him for Cade’s death, for working him too hard and not protecting him during the storm. Eddie reflects on his life, from his early childhood growing up on the farm, through to young adulthood, his marriage to Jules and the birth of his daughter, Melia. As a child, Eddie lived in almost constant fear of his father, George. George was a tyrant and ruled the household with an iron rod. He was physically and emotionally abusive towards Eddie and Eddie’s mother, Elisabeth. From an early age, Eddie shouldered the responsibility of protecting his mother and keeping her safe. Eddie vowed he would never be like his father, but as he relives past events, his relationships with his wife, daughter and grandson, and his dependency on alcohol, he soon realises he has become a clone of his father. Can Eddie heal the wounds of the past and turn his life around before it is too late?


The Storms of Eddie Greer is an intriguing and thought-provoking family / psychological drama by author Mary Perrine. The book follows the journey of one man who is forced to face his past, following the tragic death of his grandson and the breakdown of his marriage. The author offers a compelling narrative of the protagonist’s internal conflict as he realises he has become a mirror of his abusive, alcoholic father. The book examines the human condition and questions whether people are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps, or if they can break free from the cycle of violence and abuse. This is a heart breaking novel, which deals with disturbing issues of childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse. The protagonist is both a victim and a perpetrator of abuse, and readers will emphasize with him and despise him in equal measure.


Star rating: 5 Stars


Summary: An intriguing and thought-provoking family / psychological drama that examines the human condition and the intergenerational transmission of violence and abuse.

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