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Marlayne Jan Giron

Marlayne Jan Giron

Second Chance Inn

A couple cross cultural boundaries and find love after tragic loss.

Rachel Winston is grieving the loss of her husband, Barry, who died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. After a year of financial struggles following his death, Rachel decides to sell her home in Southern California, and moves to Pennsylvania with her sixteen-year-old adopted daughter, Karen. With the proceeds from the sale of her house, she buys a six-bedroom farm from an Amish man, Samuel Miller. She plans to convert the farm into a traditional Amish style bed and breakfast. As part of the sale agreement, Samuel will continue to work on the farm and is allowed to live rent-free in the Dawdi (in-law) house. Samuel is grieving the loss of his wife and five children, following a tragic buggy accident.

As Rachel and Karen settle into their new home, they learn about Amish life, values, and culture. Karen misses her old friends and complains about the lack of internet, electricity, and plumbing. Rachel and Karen’s relationship becomes strained, and Samuel intervenes when Karen disrespects her mother. Rachel and Samuel grow increasingly close, but Rachel feels it is too soon to start a new relationship; and Samuel fears he would be excommunicated from the Amish community. Karen soon settles into the community, meets other teenagers, and starts a relationship with a young Amish man. Meanwhile, Rachel struggles to fit in, and experiences further financial hardship as the renovation costs escalate. Rachel and Samuel have important decisions to make about their life in Pennsylvania and their future in the Amish community.

Second Chance Inn by author Marlayne Jan Giron is a compelling and heartwarming novel about a couple from different cultures, who unexpectedly find love after tragic loss. Set in the picturesque countryside, the novel follows the journey of Rachel, a spirited Englisch (non-Amish) woman, as she builds a new life for herself in Pennsylvania and falls in love with Samuel, a devout Amish man. The book provides a fascinating insight into the Amish community, exploring their values, customs, beliefs, and ways of life. It is a testament to the transformative power of love, and the strength to follow one’s heart.

The novel is a must read for readers who enjoy romance, and those interested in Amish culture.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A compelling and heartwarming novel about the transformative power of love.

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