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Margaret Tran

Margaret Tran


A seven-step model to help deal with grief and loss, by author Margaret Tran

The ACTIONS: 7 Steps To Powerful Change is a self-help book by life coach and author Margaret Tran, to help readers change their habits and build a new purposeful life. Based on the authors personal, lived experiences, and many years working as a life coach, Reiki master, universal energy healer, and acupressure practitioner, Tran presents a new model to help guide readers make meaningful changes in their own life. Tran discusses her early childhood growing up in Vietnam with her adoptive mother and being bullied as a “mixed-race outcast”. She discusses her move to the United States in the 1980’s, where her family built a new life in the land of opportunity. Tran married and had two children, but her life changed significantly when her beloved adoptive mother took ill and sadly passed away. Tran was consumed with grief and battled with acute depression for over four years but rebuilt her life by discovering the person she wanted to become.

Tran built on her personal experiences of grief and trauma to develop the ‘ACTION’ model to help others in similar circumstances. The model includes seven-steps: 1) Aim for self-management, 2) Commit to writing things down, 3) Take control of your time, 4) Identify your integrity and preserve it, 5) Open your mind to uncover your strengths, 6) Nurture relationships to stay connected, and 7) Share passion and success to inspire others. She explains that “the key to changing your life is to change your habits” and provides readers with a range of coping mechanisms to help manage grief and alleviate fear and anxiety.  She discusses the importance of having short term goals, and focusing on the good things in life, such as developing meaningful relationships. Tran provides a number of free resources for readers who might require further support.

The ACTIONS: 7 Steps To Powerful Change is a deeply personal and heartfelt book by Margaret Tran. Tran’s story is inspiring, and she provides valuable insights and strategies for dealing with grief and loss. Tran’ s writing is authentic, thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate. The book will provide comfort and hope to readers who may be going through similar experiences.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A deeply personal and heartfelt self-help book, and a valuable resource for readers experiencing grief and loss

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