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Lukman Clark

Lukman Clark

The Alexandria Scrolls

Brandon Blakes’s exploration into past life regression hypnosis takes him on a journey to ancient Egypt, by author Lukman Clark

Brandon Blake’s parents died unexpectedly when he was a young boy. He grew up with his loving Aunt Grace, who treated him like her own son, but Brandon always felt there was something missing from his life. He had strange visions and memories he couldn’t understand or explain, and attempted hypnotherapy to help shed light on these inexplicable experiences. During a session of past life regression hypnosis in Bel Aire, Los Angeles, with Dr Clara d’Uccelli, Brandon discovers the lost scrolls of Hypatia of Alexandria, hidden in a cave in Libya. On waking from the hypnosis, Brandon decides to travel to Haua Fteah Cave in the Green Mountain region of Libya to retrieve the scrolls and find proof of his past life. Clara feels a deep connection to Brandon’s vision, and supports him on his journey to retrieve the scrolls.

Brandon arrives in Libya, and apart from a brief encounter with a group of fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq, he retrieves the scrolls with relative ease. He flies to Malta, and spends the following months translating the scrolls under the close supervision of the doctor. As Brandon and Clara’s relationship grows intimate, the scrolls are stolen by Brandon’s girlfriend, Julia, who tries to sell them to the highest bidder.

Clara reveals that she knew his mother from the time she worked as a trainee therapist, and his mother had experienced past life memories shortly after Brandon’s conception. Returning home, Brandon seeks answers from his Aunt Grace and his mothers’ therapist, Dr. Charlotte Bourne. Dr. Bourne shows Brandon a letter written to him by his mother, and left in her care. The letter explains that his parents were part of a secret and special community of extraordinary individuals and encloses a key to a safe deposit box to help him start his journey to joining the community. As Brandon goes on an epic journey in search of the stolen scrolls, he commits to learning more about regression therapy in the hope that he will learn more about his parents’ life and find closure on their untimely deaths.

The Alexandria Scrolls (Book Two - The Transfiguration of Brandon Blake) by Lukman Clark is an intriguing and imaginative fiction novel. This is a fast-paced, action-packed novel set across time periods and continents, with well-developed characters, and an enthralling plot. With elements of fantasy, this book will appeal to readers of both historic fiction and fantasy fiction.

The Transfiguration of Brandon Blake is the second book in a series, and can be read independently without reading the first book, In her Own Words, although readers might want to read the first book in the series to understand more about the story of Hypatia of Alexandria.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fast-paced, action-packed novel, with well-developed characters, and an enthralling plot.

Lukman Clark
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