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Lisa Towles

Lisa Towles

Terror Bay

Detective Kurt Farin investigates a case with a mysterious twist.

Detective Kurt Farin wakes up in a Californian hospital with no recollection of how he got there. While drifting in and out of consciousness, he has a recurring vision of a woman deep in the ocean, trapped under the wreckage of a two-hundred-year-old ship. The woman’s name is Genevieve Lucas, and Kurt is determined to find out who she is. Kurt learns that he has sustained a traumatic brain injury, after been shot-at while investigating the murder of a young woman named Leticia Ames. The suspect is a dangerous assassin named Jimmy Breslin, who is believed to have killed Leticia as a warning to her boyfriend, who witnessed Jimmy at a crime scene in a federal case. Kurt is forced to take a leave of absence from work due to his brain injury and begins his search for the mysterious Genevieve. He finds a woman with the same name, who is a Marine Biologist and professional diver located in Bainbridge Island, Seattle. Kurt decides to pay Genevieve a visit and persuades his partner, Vaughn, to accompany him. Kurt arrives in Bainbridge Island, and meets Genevieve’s daughter, Anabel. Anabel explains that Genevieve died tragically in a diving accident and Kurt is convinced she is the woman in his vision. As Kurt learns more about the life and death of Genevieve, Anabel is attacked by a man they believe to be Jimmy. Kurt discovers a peculiar connection between Genevieve, her daughter Anabel, and the hitman, and decides to travel to the site of the shipwreck where Genevieve died. Every strange encounter on his journey brings him closer to solving the case and unravelling the mystery of the woman in his visions.

Terror Bay is a gripping, edge of the seat, psychological thriller by author Lisa Towles. Detective Kurt Farin’s life changes as he begins to experience vivid visions of a mysterious woman, following a bump to the head. Driven by an inexplicable force, Kurt sets out on a mission to uncover the truth behind his apparitions. As he goes on a journey across the country, he discovers a strange connection between his visions and the case he was investigating prior to his injury. Towles seamlessly blends crime fiction, psychological thriller, and a touch of supernatural intrigue. With plenty of action, plot twists and spine-tingling suspense, this novel will appeal to readers of both crime fiction and psychological thrillers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A gripping, edge of the seat, psychological thriller, packed full of intrigue, mystery, and suspense.

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