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Lisa Towles

Lisa Towles

Salt Island

Private Investigators, Ellwyn and Abernathy, face their most complex case and the biggest challenge of their lives, by author Lisa Towles.

Marissa (Mari) Ellwyn and Derek Abernathy are partners and Private Investigators, at E&A Investigations, a private detective agency in Santa Monica, California. As Derek takes on a new case to investigate the accidental deaths of two workers following an explosion at a farm in the Central Valley; Mari takes on a case for her college friend, investigating the blackmail of a CEO in a multi-million-dollar IPO deal.

Meanwhile, Mari is concerned about her father, Richard Ellwyn, a former CIA agent. Apart from a few cryptic postcards, she hasn’t seen or heard from him in two years. She decides to investigate her own case and secretly travels to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, to try and find him. Tortola was one of her father’s favourite hiding places when Mari was a young girl, and she hopes to find clues about his disappearance. But on the ferry journey over to Tortola, a dead body is found floating in the ocean, and Mari is interrogated by the Coast Guard. Arriving in Tortola, Mari finds a possible connection to her father, but has to rush back to California when she learns that her mother has had a stroke.

As Mari and Derek further their investigations, they find a connection between their cases and a dangerous underworld of illegal drug manufacturing and toxic waste dumping, and a potential lead to her missing father. Mari and Derek must work together to solve their most complex case and the biggest challenge of their lives.

Salt Island is a crime thriller, by author Lisa Towles, and the second book in the E&A Investigations series. This book is an intricate, immersive, and riveting thriller, with plenty of surprising twists and turns. The characters are believable and well developed, and Mari in particular is a memorable, tough-as-nails, female detective. The plot is intricate, fast paced, and full of mystery and suspense. The novel moves seamlessly between California and the Caribbean, and parallel storylines. A gripping page-turner, not to be missed.

This book will appeal to readers of crime and detective fiction, espionage, and political thrillers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A compelling, character driven, crime, thriller, with a tough-as-nails female protagonist.

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