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Leslie Kain

Leslie Kain

Secrets In The Mirror

A moving novel about a dysfunctional family, by author Leslie Kain

Secrets in the Mirror is a psychological drama about the DiMasi family, parents Tony and Colleen, and mirror twin brothers, Devon Umberto and Gavin O’Malley. While the twins look alike, they are very different. ‘Devious Devon’, the older twin by ten minutes, is arrogant and has a rebellious streak. Whereas ‘Goodie Gavin’ is quiet, sensible and sensitive. He dreams of becoming a chef and making a better life for himself. Gavin is ridiculed and tormented by Devon, and bullied by his father, who favours the first-born twin.  Tony considers Gavin weak, but still expects him to look out for his older brother. Tony has connections to the mob, and is resentful of his wife, who has a PhD.

At the twins sixteenth birthday party, Devon gets drunk and steals a friend’s car. He is seriously injured in a car crash and diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. Following the accident, Devon spirals out of control and is drawn into a life of drugs and crime, causing his mother and Gavin significant distress. He takes over the family business and puts everyone’s life in danger when he gets involved with the mob. Gavin leaves the family and vows never to return, but he can't hide from his brother forever.

Secrets in the Mirror is a thrilling, drama about a dysfunctional family and the habits they develop over many years. Author Leslie Kain pulls no punches, and dives into the ugly, complicated layers of domestic violence, abuse, addiction and co-dependency. The book follows the twins from their teenage years, through to adulthood, and explores the vicious cycle of abuse and the enduring impact on family relationships. This is a tense, dark, psychological drama that is as hard to take in, as it is difficult to put down.

If you enjoy gritty family dramas, you will love this book.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A thrilling family psychological drama that explores the vicious cycle of abuse and the enduring impact on family relationships.

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