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The Forever and The Now

Will Bron McIntyre ever find her forever and now? By author KJ

Bron McIntyre, a fortysomething teacher from Melbourne, is sketching on her favourite bench in her local park, when she notices a beautiful woman. Attracted to the woman, she begins to sketch her picture, when a cyclist crashes into the woman and spills a smoothie down her shirt. Bron helps the woman clean up and starts up a conversation, where she learns the woman’s name is Kate and is going through a divorce. The pair share an instant connection, and following the cycling incident they meet up regularly in the park and become close friends. Bron develops feelings for Kate, and senses something in return, but unsure of Kate’s feelings towards her, she is scared to make the first move.

Kate finally confesses her desire for Bron, and the relationship slowly develops into something more intimate. Bron has a close and supportive family, who accept Kate with open arms. Kate’s mother on the other hand is less supportive, and judgemental of her life choices. Feeling pressure from Bron, Kate reluctantly comes out to her mother, which causes tension in the relationship. Kate’s mother struggles to accept her new love, hoping Kate will return to her ex-husband, Neil. As Kate’s mother continues to meddle in their relationship, Bron and Kate feel disconnected, and they turn to a counsellor for help. But as Bron and Kate try to work through their issues, Bron notices Kate acting out of character. When the couple learn more about Kate’s uncharacteristic behaviour, their entire world begins to fall apart.

The Forever and The Now, by author KJ, is a beautifully written love story of two women, whose lives become entwined and are changed forever, following a chance encounter at the park. Written in the first-person perspective, KJ’s narrative is real, emotional and authentic, and the intimate scenes between Bron and Kate are beautiful, tender and passionate. KJ beautifully describes the pleasure and power of love, the tender and unconditional love that many people dream about. But this is not a happy ever after story, there is heartbreak, pain and tragedy. Readers might need something to dry their eyes with, in order to finish this book!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautifully written love story of two women, whose lives become entwined and are changed forever, by author KJ.

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