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Kerk Murray

Kerk Murray

Since the Day We Danced

A second chance at love, for two Hadley Cove residents.

Forty-year-old Emma Wright is forced to sell the home her grandfather gifted to her, following her divorce to Chad Jones. Throughout the marriage, Chad was cruel, manipulative, and controlling. The turbulent relationship ends when Chad had an affair with a younger woman, and Emma is left broken. With intense feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and hopelessness, she doesn’t know how to move on with her life. Her only joy is Riley, the golden retriever rescue dog she retained full custody of following the divorce. She moves into a smaller cottage, closer to the coast in Hadley Cove, Georgia. But shortly after the move, Riley escapes through an open door and Emma is distraught when she cannot find him. Riley finds his way back to his old home, where he meets new residents Luke Grayson and his seventeen-year-old son, Jeremiah. Still grieving the loss of his wife who died two years previously from cancer, Luke has moved to Hadley Cove from Chicago, to spend more time with his son. Jeremiah has struggled since his moms death and blames his dad for not being there for him when he was younger. Luke and Jeremiah grow fond of Riley and let him stay until they can track down his owner. When Emma and Riley are finally reunited, Emma develops a friendship with Luke, Hadley Cove’s handsome new bachelor. But when their friendship turns into something more intimate, they decide to keep their relationship secret, to avoid hurting Jeremiah. Will Emma ever trust a man again? Can Luke learn to love another? How will they break the news to Jeremiah?

Since the Day We Danced by author Kerk Murray is a romantic novel and a tender love story between two middle aged adults who find love again after heartache. As Emma and Luke try to rebuild their lives in Hadley Cove, they are brought together by Emma’s beloved dog, Riley, and discover an unexpected companionship. But the path to finding love again isn’t easy, as each character must deal with their own pain and trauma. The novel explores the devastating impact of grief and divorce, and the healing power of connection, friendship, and love. A beautiful reminder that even after heartache, one can find love again.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A tender and heartfelt love story about a widower and a divorcee who discover an unexpected companionship, and the prospect of a second chance at love.

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