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Julia Brewer Daily

Julia Brewer Daily

;The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch A Modern Ranch with an Ancient Secret

A modern Texas ranch has an ancient secret.

Twenty-two-year-old Emma Rosales has trained all of her life to take over ‘The Thorn’, a million-acre ranch in Texas. As sole heir to the property, Emma is ready to take over the property after recently graduating from college with a degree in veterinary medicine. Emma is fierce and headstrong, and follows in a long line of strong, female matriarchs. However, she is disheartened to learn that her boyfriend is more in love with the ranch than he is with her. While her parents, Josie and John, are out of the country on a trip to Europe, Emma decides to explore the vast ranch on her horse, Honey-Boy. But, when Honey-Boy falls and breaks a leg, she is forced to put him down. She takes shelter in a cave and discovers a group of people living there. The ‘People’ have been completely isolated from the modern world, and they live a primitive but peaceful life. Afraid that Emma might reveal their secret, they hold her captive in the secret cave. While her distraught parents search frantically for their missing daughter, Emma has an important decision to make. Will she try to escape and return to her beloved parents? Or will she live with the ‘People’ and remain hidden in the cave forever?

The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch: A Modern Ranch with an Ancient Secret, by author Julia Brewer Daily, is a gripping adventure and romance novel set in the Texas wilderness. This is a unique and imaginative novel, with many twists and turns.  Beautifully written, with a fascinating plot and well developed, believable and relatable characters, the book will appeal to readers who enjoy women’s fiction, adventure stories and romance. I particularly enjoyed reading the different perspectives of the two primary characters, Emma, and her mother Josie. With vivid descriptions of Texas, the book captures the breath-taking beauty and the vastness of the Lone Star State.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A gripping adventure, with a fascinating plot and well developed, believable and relatable characters.

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