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Jennifer Ivy Walker

Jennifer Ivy Walker

The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven

A wonderful adaptation of a medieval French fairy-tale, by Jennifer Ivy Walker

Fourteen-year-old Issylte, the Emerald Princess of Ireland, is forced to flee her home, when her father, King Donnchadh of Ireland, marries Princess Morag of Scotland. Queen Morag, unable to conceive a child of her own and fearful of the heirs’ future claim to the throne, orders her death. Issylte is lured into the forest, but she is spared from death by two loyal guards. She is taken to the enchanted Hazelwood Forest, where she is sheltered by Maiwenn, a wizened witch, and the forest fairies. Issylte’s identity is hidden and she lives an idyllic life, where she learns how to wield the herbal essences of the forest and develops her powers of healing. After several years living in Hazelwood, Issylte’s true identity is discovered. Queen Morag is furious to learn the princess is alive and sends an army to find and kill her. Issylte is forced to flee again, leaving behind her dear Maiwenn, who is brutally murdered by the Queens army. Issylte finds sanctuary on the mystical island of Avalon, with Maiwenn’s friend and mother of Lancelot, Viviane. Her identity is changed once again and Issylte becomes an acolyte and gifted healer. She meets and falls in love with Ronan, an Avalonian Elf.

When Queen Morag’s army savagely attacks the Kingdom of Cornwall, the Blue Knight of Cornwall and heir to the Cornish Crown, Tristan, is severely injured and sent to Avalon for treatment and recovery. Issylte heals Tristan and discovers a deep and powerful connection with the warrior. Queen Morag, now betrothed to the King of Cornwall following her murder of King Donnchadh, learns of Issylte’s and Tristen’s location on the protected Isle. She sends her army to kill both Issylte and Tristen, as the heirs to the Irish and Cornish crowns. Issylte must decide whether to leave the safety of Avalon and her beloved Ronan, or flee with Tristan to France, avenge her father’s death and become the rightful Queen of Ireland.

The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven is a sensational, well-crafted, medieval fantasy fiction novel by author Jennifer Ivy Walker. The novel is an adaptation of a medieval French classic, with a perfect blend of magic, mysticism, romance, tragedy, drama, and suspense. This novel will captivate and enthral readers from the outset. I was fully immersed in this wonderful story and invested in the two main characters, whose lives and journeys are seamlessly interwoven in this beautiful magical, fantasy world.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sensational, well-crafted, fantasy fiction novel, with a perfect blend of magic, mysticism, romance, tragedy, drama, and suspense.

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