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Jennifer Ivy Walker

Jennifer Ivy Walker

The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight

Tristan and Issylte return in the third instalment in the Sea Raven trilogy series by author Jennifer Ivy Walker

Tristan, the banished Blue Knight of Cornwall, and heir to the Kingdom of Lyonesse, and his wife Issylte, the Emerald Princess and heir to the Irish crown, have fled from Issylte’s wicked stepmother, the Black Widow Queen Morag, and taken refuge on the island of Avalon. As heirs to their respective thrones, Tristan and Issylte pose an intolerable threat to Queen Morag, and her sovereignty over those two kingdoms. The Queen poisoned her first husband, Issylte’s father, the King Donnchadh of Ireland, and also attempted to murder Issylte, to secure her position on the Irish throne. She is poisoning her second husband, the King Marke of Cornwall, Tristan’s uncle, to maintain her rule over the Cornish Kingdom.

The Queen is still raging from the death of Morholt, her beloved Black Knight who was killed by Tristan during a failed Viking invasion of Cornwall. She vows to find Tristan and avenge Morholt’s death. When Queen Morag and her cronies discover that Issylte is pregnant with Tristan’s child, she is further enraged. With her ally, dwarf Bothor, she plans an elaborate plot to kill Tristan, and capture Issylte and her unborn child. The Queen plans to imprison Issylte until her baby is born, and then sacrifice the royal infant during the winter solstice, to break a curse that has plagued the Queen for many years. Issylte is captured and imprisoned in a tower on the top of a rocky cliff edge. Tristan and his army of knights must journey back to Tintagel to rescue his wife and unborn child. Will Tristan save his wife and child from the murderous queen? Will Tristan and Issylte ever regain their thrones to their kingdoms? And will Queen Morag ever be punished for her crimes?

The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight is a fascinating medieval fantasy fiction novel by author Jennifer Ivy Walker. In this third instalment in the Sea Raven trilogy, Tristan and Issylte’s journey to reclaim their rightful positions on their respective thrones, comes to a breathtaking climax. With gruesome and bloody battle scenes, hot and steamy love scenes, and many unexpected twists and turns, this is an electrifying conclusion to a magnificent trilogy. The book, and the series, is a super addition to the medieval fantasy fiction genre and will captivate readers who enjoy Celtic history and folklore.

I could not wait to read this final book and I am gutted the series had concluded. I am hopeful that Tristan, Issylte and their son might return for a new adventure very soon!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An epic medieval fantasy fiction novel, comes to an electrifying conclusion.

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